Hey, hey! 

It’s the end of July, it’s basically Halloween to me, which also means we’re a very decent amount into the year. Crazy right? This year has weirdly blown by me like a passing breath. One moment it was January and I was changing into a different University major years into my degree, and now I’m here with an abundant list of music I’ve been listening to all year. 


I actually wrote down my first thoughts to each song when this album dropped with the intent of a review, however the days and months went on and I was still too burnt out, too tired, and too sad to write a thing. Yet, in saying that, I listened to this album constantly during that time. See, Back From The Dead is aggressively feminine with a soccer punch of personal growth, age, and worth. It is quite literally everything I wanted and definitely needed. Enriched with kickass women-hood and acceptance of self delivered in a metal music love letter. The album just straight bangs. I mean, I’ve only heard the term “bombshell” in regards to women from the mouth of a man with eyes of sexualation. While I wouldn’t say reclaimed is the right word here, I want to still make a point of it. I think that’s kinda something important to unpack, as well as being a testament to what this whole project is doing. 

Notable favourite song recommendations from said album: Wicked Ways, Strange Girl, My Redemption, and Psycho Crazy. 


This might get kind of “fangirl” of me, but really that’s a good sign. I have not gone a single day since January of this year where I have not listened to these guys. That’s not even an exaggeration, my Spotify “On Repeat” is cursed now. January 2022 met us with that iconic release of WW3, and I have been basically drugged musically since. I am an addict. I want my Poptropicaslutz fix all the time. I don’t even know how to describe this stuff to you, me who writes poetry, is at a near constant loss for words. My only attempt would be if you take the Neon Pop Punk era, Myspace Scene sound of I Set My Friends On Fire/Brockencyde, 2010’s emo rap (though not necessarily “Sad Boi”), and throw it in something more intense than a blender. I don’t know how it works. I don’t know why it does. I do not know anything other than everything – and by God do I mean everything – is straight heat. I literally be giggling and kicking my legs when they randomly tweet out “new song tonight”. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: romeo & juliet, I MISS 2007, user not found, eccentric hats & motley patterns, and Hysteria is impossible without an audience. 


Do not bother making “this is a red flag” comment. Do not bother asking “are you okay?” because I do not have an answer for you. What I do have is Spotify history of the year where Hot Mulligan is very, very present, and truthfully I’m not mad about it. Well, they’re pro Milk, so maybe a little mad about it. God I hope someone gets that joke, otherwise I’m gonna look so stupid. Back to the point, I have been religiously listening to Hot Mulligan all year. I mean I will always love and be emotionally attached to this beautifully mastered genre of Pop Punk. They’re one of the few I think is making the 2010’s styles translate magically well into that of current. I also just think they’re funny. They make me laugh and feel warm and poetically sad. Of course I’ve been listening to them so much. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: Feal Like Crab, Drink Milk and Run, Featuring Mark Hoppus, and Dary. 


This is a little switch up to the previous two, but if you know me I am always listening to Scarlxrd. I tend to keep my playlists pretty organised, yet he is there in pretty much all of them. Scarlxrd is perfect for any mood at any time. Sad? Scarlxrd. Angery? Scarlxrd. Feeling your inner God complex? Scarlxrd. His discography is fairly large, so if you’re into this intense, trap, metal, rap, aggressive bass, there is bound to be something you vibe with. I love him. I love his music. He’s up there incredibly high on my top artists of all time and has been for ages. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: {Flex’}, Rxbxt Slut!, I WANT TX SEE YXU BLEED, Bible Black, and Gin Shxt. 


This is not the first time I’m talking about them and it sure as hell will not be the last. I think around this time last year I wrote this piece about artists you should be paying attention to in the scene with them as the forefront. So I guess I’m incredibly happy to say not only are they still some of my top played artists but also their incredible growth. I’m kind of emotional about it. Proud don’t begin to cover it. Mag Park have put out numerous tracks since then, and I’ve loved every single one. They are the epitome of what Pop Punk is in this modern wave, and everything that we needed to further progress. Constantly challenging the privileged white attitude/opinions (you know the ones ugh) that has always been plaguing the scene and doing it with some of the best music I’ve heard in forever. There really isn’t a question as to why I’m always listening to them. They’re too cool, too vibrant, too outstanding to not be. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: Don’t Be Racist, Outside, Kids Like Us, Liar, Serious, and Back Home. 


Again, a little bit of a switch up here, but if there is anything to know about me is that my music taste is truly everything in existence pretty much. With that being said, I, like many others, became obsessed with Aislinn’s music via TikTok, and really it’s been living rent free around my head for a while. Her voice is truly prettier than heaven knowns and I could honestly listen to her sing about anything. I can’t really explain what her music makes me feel but I know it’s something I want to never stop feeling. I don’t know guys, but there’s something about the gentle sea-breeze of my town, soft setting sun, open windows, and her music that makes me believe I am living the best human experience available. 

Notable favourite song recommendations:  poltergeist, Devil Boy, think about u, death wish, and Gwen. 


  • Dove Beach – Baby Queen
  • SELF-SABOTAGE – Waterparks 
  • Chaos Castle – Xavier Wulf 
  • Just Sign the Papers – Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties 
  • Blender – 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Clearest Blue – CHVRCHES
  • What I Would Give – Angelmaker 
  • Kiss – Lil Peep
  • Loser – Sueco
  • Two Week Notice – Leanna Firestone
  • life’s such a trip – Softheart 

Soak Me In Bleach (Or Well Alcohol Actually)

Hey, hey! 

As promised, a music related blog post, one that I have been trying to bring to you for over a year. In early 2021 or late 2020, I purchased tickets to go see some live music — however, as we’re very aware here in Australia, it’s only been the last maybe four to six months where live shows have been back in action and that gig was postponed not once, but twice. Now, there’s no ill will here or anything, I feel for the impacts the pandemic and lockdowns had on the music scene, but if anything it made the arrival of the set date more exciting. 

Usually I wait a couple of months or just under a year for the dates of shows to roll around. That’s for the bigger ones, not the local joints I like to hit up when I can. Maybe I should write something about those types of trips? But this time it was basically a year and half, which if I’m honest, built up enthusiasm for it and, in turn, the crowd was rowdy and insane. Put a bunch of Aussie metalheads in an 18+ alcohol filled gig for Aussie bands after that long of a wait and it makes sense the chaos that erupted. I loved every second of it, even the weird or negative parts, because now I get to tell this story to you. 


The main act, infamous The Amity Affliction, who are known for being very aquatic in tone. (No really, I can’t look at the ocean and not go “ah, like the amity songs”). They’re also known for being intense crowd wise, I’ve never heard of them not having at least one wall of death much like the multiple we had at second Sydney show, located at The Roundhouse. 

Although I initially brought tickets for the main act, I was just as excited for the openers Nerve Damage and Waax. Nerve Damage started it all off with an Acknowledgement to Country, which if you’re not Australian, is the acknowledgment for the indigenous peoples who’s land we’re on. I’m sad to say that it is the first time ever that’s ever happened at a concert, and I’ve been a frequent attendee since I was 13 years old. Their set was like the best taster for the night, loud, in your face, and overall politically charged. I am proud to say that I was centre barricade for this show, partly because I travelled out to the venue and always account for traffic issues and such, which left friends and myself there a tad early. However, it meant I had a fantastic view, and was blown away by each act. Especially by Nerve Damage.

Now, I love Waax. I’m not like a super/long term fan or anything (yet anyway) but I knew them, I liked them, and I was excited for them. My expectations? More than met, especially when the ever-so dashing vocalist grabbed my hand. Listen, I nearly shed a tear. The stage presence was lovely, and I am so happy to see women on stage. In fact I even managed to be handed – yes handed not snatched – a setlist. I’ve never managed a set list before. Guitar pics, drum sticks (I think? My memory sucks) even, yes, but never before a setlist. 

Okay, onto what you’re all here for, The Amity set. My loves, I don’t know how to tell you this, I think I just had one of the best show experiences of my life. There was fire! FUCKING FIRE! Honestly, I’m glad there was it turned up the temperature and being winter it was so cold that night. The energy was wild, like I said, all the built up time and restlessness made us all crazy. I lost my voice like three songs in, that’s how hard I was screaming. I think I nearly threw up from emotions, it was all so raw. Also there were mirrors? Fun house mirrors maybe? They lit up? I can’t recall exactly but it was cool. The setlist was top tier. Like you always have those conversations with people about songs you want an artist to play, what you hope or think would be cool to be heard, and that set was exactly that. I was a little sad when it was over. Part of me was exhausted and sore (more on that later), and the other part of me didn’t want it to end. I would pay for Amity to preform in my bedroom but they’d probably burn it down. 


I’ve told you how much I loved the acts, how good they were, but now for the fun part: the details! 

I mentioned centre barricade, which is a brilliant but cursed spot to have. It’s such a “stick it out as long as you can survive” position as you get an entire crowds worth of body weight pressing you into metal. Depending on the type of show of course, some aren’t that aggressive. There’s no shame in lasting one song or the whole act, but I’m excited to say I survived the whole thing without jumping out. Not without escaping some injuries. I am incredibly bruised and aching. One of my calves is black near the knee.

I had some brain cells to bandage up some body piercings before attending, and I’m so thankful for that sober-smart Taylorlani who did that because otherwise there would have been a hospital visit. I did lose an earring as it was jacked out and, to be fair, I don’t remember it happening which goes to show how much was happening at any given moment. It’s okay, I put a safety-pin in it for the time until I got home. God, the adrenaline. 

I did nearly have my medusa piercing torn out by a crowd surfers knee, but that’s okay because I did accidentally punch him in the groin trying to lift him up. I’m 5’2 guys, I’m the height of a 12 year old. I genuinely haven’t grown since that age. If you’re that guy, I’m so sorry, really I was trying to not get crushed. Speaking of crowd surfers though, one guy smelled like a metalhead stereotype, and another kicked me in the head. It’s okay, I’m okay, I’m sure they had the time of their lives. Especially the lad who stood on the crowd – yeah like on his legs – and then jumped directly on me. Iconic of them, I’m so weirdly happy I got that on camera too, otherwise I don’t know how to describe it. 

I was slammed into the barricade more times than I can count and believe me I know numbers, I can count to ten. Applaud me. It was so hype, it was so rewarding to be back at a live gig like that. But alas, there is always something that leans more negative on the night. 

A wonderful gal and lad were elbowing my side, my arm, my body all night really hard and more forceful than the crowd. At first I was like, c’mon you know? But during a quick break between songs they leaned over to apologise and say how they’re trying to stop this one large guy from groping me as he’d been trying all night. Now, I hate to say that this is something I’m used to but I am, and I knew someone had during Nerve Damage, but pushed it aside. I appreciate this couple so much. There’s this stereotype of how metalheads are terrible, big, and scary who will beat you up. But it’s a person thing, not a metalhead thing. Assholes aren’t dictated by genre. Yet, this is the type of attitude I do encounter a fair bit these days. This, like, protective community. Really, I’m so thankful for them, and I’m incredibly grateful that they even went out of their way to do so. 

Metal is full of this hand in hand, help each other out, mentality if you look deeper for it, and I’m proud to say I also live by it. I’m short, but there are plenty of girls who are shorter and smaller than me who attend. It’s not hard to help out when crowd surfers head directly for them. Not to say they’re weak, they’re at a crazy metal gig of course they’re not, but having a body thrown at you can be hell, and I do try my best to cover people when I can or it’s safe for me too.  

On a more higher note, there was insane pit action, there always is at Amity shows. There was multiple walls of death which even I at the barricade got the privilege to be crushed in. My friend got a guitar pic. We spent money on merch. I took a cup from the ground that was cool and sticky. I saw some limes floating in the air, on the floor. I got sprayed with beer and water, as well as spat on. I’m sorry to cleaners. 

It was the most fun I’ve had in ages. I don’t regret a single second of it. I chase the gig adrenaline more than anything in my whole life. It is pure erotica. I’ve been addicted since I was 13 and still wearing a scene mullet with fried bleached hair. I live for music, for live music, for the everything. I love writing about it, the whole thing. It’s more me than if I handed you a bone from a ribs. 

Wait for the Good Things 2022 blog post, since I am happy to announce I will be attending. God, I’m so (happily) broke. 

Pleased To Meet You, Stranger, Welcome To The Ending – Music I Loved In January

Hey, hey!!

I hope you hadn’t thought I was skipping the music content this year because no way was that going to happen. I’ve had a really nice Christmas and January break and there was no shortage of music around for me. So here is my incomplete – because I can’t put it all here obviously you’ll be here forever – list of music I loved in January.


The thing about being Australian is that I’m always on the hunt for music I like in this country to build up a catalog of it. It just makes me sad how central to the US and UK everything is music wise.

So back to the point! Between You & Me is a pop-punk style band from Melbourne here in Australia. They’re vibrant and charismatic with a rich blend of pop-punk essence and something so purely Aussie. Their music has this influential charm to it that you get obsessed with, gleaming something golden.

Ever since their last record, Armageddon, released at the end of 2021 I’ve had them on a repeating cycle playing around my life. Again, I’ve been on uni break and Between You & Me probably take the cake for the most played artist during this time.


Changing up the pace for this artist, Softheart is indescribable to me. I feel weird strictly saying “rapper” whether or not that’s fronted with terms of identification such as “emo” or “Soundcloud”. Softheart is an artist, he just makes phenomenal art. Really, I could sit here and describe the melodic delicacy of tracks like “110’” but it wouldn’t even relate to the raw chaotic depth of something like “manic”. 

Beautifully complicated in its entirety, and I always find a feeling, a time or a moment where Softheart’s artistry is included in my daily soundtrack.


I don’t think I need to explain this one at all. Though maybe some of you want me to justify why Swift is here in some weird anti-pop mainstream feminine culture misogyny type of way. I get that a lot when I mentioned she’s usually a top played artist for me, paired with the “I thought you liked real music” bullshit that leaves peoples mouths. 

Music is art, life is art, I don’t plan to ever live my life being exclusive of forms of creativity by some shitty boxes in identity structured by society. I don’t care what genre it is, what you fall into. Make art, express yourself and just enjoy these aspects of the world around you for once.


I love 5sos, really with my whole heart I do. I have been one of those insanely younger dedicated Aussie fans since those boys were literal children. It surprises me sometimes how old I am, how much we’ve aged since they started making music and I found it through the holes of the internet.

I love it though, how I in my twenties still on the regular pick up a 5sos record and play it when the first time I did so I was barely a teenager. They’re on this list because I love them, they’re on this list because they’re music grew with me and is aligned with many different eras of myself. CALM is quite perfectly one of the best records I’ve ever heard which is a bold statement sure but I mean it.


Recently signed to Epitaph Records, Poptropicaslutz! are a duo who really have just created something special. I hate being closed off to the walls of a genre and I adore artists who tear it down with hammers. But this does leave me here like “how the hell am I supposed to put this into words?!” Really, I can’t so you’re gonna have to take my word for it that they’re truly magic. If I had to really pinpoint some type of idea I could only mumble something like punky-hyper-pop-hip-hop. Which um, yeah, just take my word and listen to them cause that doesn’t even explain it. 

Their discography isn’t large but it’s impressive, energetic and exhilarating. There is no doubt in my mind that this is pure artistry and it’s going to go far. I had everything on a nice little rotation of repeat in January and still now in February. I am, for lack of a better word, obsessed in the best way.


And here, to finish off this post are some songs on their own which I’ve had on repeat.

  • Bible Black – Scarlxrd 
  • If You Say So – The Dead Love 
  • Kids Like Us – Magnolia Park
  • The Medic – Foxing 
  • This Must Be My Exit – Oso Oso 

January was inherently fantastic for me musically, and so far February has been just as great that I’m so restlessly excited for what this year with offer or bring me!

Hey, Hey Community Round Two – Peer Review

Last week I shared the pitch for my Digital Artifact, where I breakdown my intent and personal media niche for the semester. You can read the post here, but as a quick overview I plan to conduct research into the media niche of music – specifically around the pop punk, emo metal genres – by observing the communities and personas built around them online. Last week, it was not only me but my peers who shared these types of blog posts and I have had the privilege to engage and peer review some.

“The process provides a reviewer with the opportunity to reflect on someone else’s work and to provide thoughtful comment using his/her own knowledge and expertise of the subject.” Peer reviewing is an important aspect in not only gaining insight into your own abilities but it allows the chance to be interactive and supportive to others. I think this is a great aspect of the community we have. I believe that I was able to convey my feedback and critique well by engaging my personal understandings with each pitch and providing ideas the authors might not have thought of. It is important to me to not just focus on anything negative, and to be helpful in furthering each project as well as highlighting a job well done.

Hannah’s Digital Artifact pitch goes into extreme depth about the ethnographic research about their chosen niche around the alarming forefronts of climate change. It is very well researched and clearly written which enables a multitude of audiences and understanding. Their post was detailed, structured and very professional when discussing this topic, as well as being incredibly informative. Because of this, when reviewing their post I included a secondary source – Bushfires in Australia: a serious health emergency under climate change – which explores their niche in relation to Australia specifically and could be useful in furthering their research and provides a geographical example of this crisis.

Hannah’s pitch was analytical and professional presenting, which is something I myself have taken away from this experience as something I need to improve. Their work was defined and developed to the point it felt personal and not a “University task” which I believe is something I can work on and develop in the future.

Lisa’s pitch was lovely and really taps into the whole concept of persona in relation to our lectures and class work. This, I believe, was expressed very much through her words as well as her audio visual elemented. It is clear to me that they have a tight understanding of who they present themself as in relation to Youtube, as well as their own media consumption. They were able to analyse the analytical concepts presented with clearity. Their pitch was broad and open, as one’s persona might be, and I provide a source in relation to mentioned ideas – cooking and healthy food – to perhaps aid in narrowing down some future points for their project.

Lisa’s work allowed me to see areas of persona, which is a very large aspect of my own Digital Artifact, that I myself am lacking in showcasing through my blog posts. For example, Lisa dives deep into the analytics of persona where I have just briefly touched on it to further my points not educate and engage. I believe this is something I can take away from by reviewing their pitch, along with making better and larger connections to frameworks and lectures as a whole.

Vincenzo does a great job at utilising both audio visual elements and blog post as a cohesive piece to be understood together, rather than simply having a blog post with a side of more information in a Youtube video. They are very interested in their chosen niche on a deep personal level that they have a personal connection. I think providing us with this information is great because it explores the relation between niche topic and creator – I would take the word or perspective from someone with pre-existing knowledge and persona before someone who is just touching the surface of a new niche. That being said, there was little explanation on why this is an interest, or why the photography element corresponds and going from that I provided a source which I hope aids in capturing how to express this in future.

Vincenzo’s Digital Artifact as mentioned before does this fantastic job at making both types of format cohesive, and I will be the first one to admit that this is something I struggle with in presenting. Engaging with their work has enabled me to witness examples and ideas on video creation which I can transcribe into my own work in the future. Their pitch was very helpful in this for me, and I appreciate the opportunity to review their work.

I think in the future I can improve the feedback I give by going further into the sources and even by providing more than one to enhance the take away for my peers. Overall though, I believe that by conducting peer reviews has not only given me insight into others but has allowed for me to grow in my own work and understanding. I will be taking everything I have learnt here and the critics given to me to grow with my DA.

Simply Taylorlani Goes Musical, Another Pitch

Previously, I have mentioned how for this semester how Simply Taylorlani will be taking a musical approach to the Digital Artifact. I have been able to map this out and narrow down these ideas further as you can see down below. Music as a whole is a very large and broadly open niche and because of that I have simplified it down to two prominent subcultures. 


For this project I am planning on observing and writing about music that is a part of both the pop punk/emo and metal subcultures, genre and communities that exist online. For example, social platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram along with their algorithms create very large communities of people with similar interests. This then leads to content creation and, for platforms like Tik Tok where audio and music is such a major aspect of the app, aids in the culture, aesthetics and persona attached to music.

I will be creating content based on these music genres and their personal cultures that are tied and produced along with the music. I will be using my content based Instagram, Simply Taylorlani, along with this Blog, as a means to share and engage with these ideas. The plan is to produce writing content such as reviews, rankings, and opinion pieces around these subcultures. I also intend to be active on Instagram to share my favourites from things from these communities and already have some highlights dedicated to this Digital Artifact.

Map for the Da


Along with this, I have also previously mapped out the different aspects and networks to my Digital Artifact which I have shown before but will share again here.

chart / calendar


I am interested in this DA because of my own personal connections to both these subcultures and genres. However, I do think that enables me to have a leg up in understanding as I already have a pre-existing persona tied to this niche. But, that of course does not mean I do not have research questions.

What makes a good album?

What seperates a band/artist from the genre as a whole?

What determines the best album?

Why are aestheitcs so important?

With this DA comes risks of being unethical, especially when considering how important someone’s identity and person is to a person, even one that is heavily connected to this genre of music. Even those who create the music, they put a lot of themselves out there into artistry and this DA in no way will be used to discredit or tear down bands, artists, producers, audiences and communities. This Digital Artifact is about music and culture. 

“Practice Your Passion On Me” – Feild Site’s, Huh

Hey, hey!

My last post was on my niche for my Digital Arteifect for this semester at University and this week I’ll be discussing the feild site which coresponds to that. For a little reminder for what my ethnographic research, I have chosen to work within the niche of music, more specificly music that falls within certain subcultures I listen to.


A feild site is a great way to map out and understand a niche to refine it further and explore different angles. A feild site is the spacial characteristics between a type of research. Think of it as a web of relations between research, and how they all connect back to one thing. “For ethnographers, defining this space is an important activity that traditionally takes place before and in the early stages of fieldwork.”


I started with really narrowing down which subculutre’s I’m most interested in researching for this Digital Artifect and came up with mainly metal and the pop punk/midwest emo areas because those are the specific niches I’ve eneged with the most. Not only that, both of those have culutre that is completely seperate but goes in hand with the music.

I will be conducting enthnographic research from engaging with my niche from these key areas: Social Platforms, Live Music, Aestheitcs and Band/Artist themselves and while I’m going to be looking at them seperately, there is of course overlap.


Platforms like Instagram and, for a good example of a social platfrom with the music niche, Tik Tok, an app where audio is so largely important. Not only that, but Tik Tok like most other platforms has a very personal curated algorithm and tags. An important part of this to note is how Tik Tok is often refered to as the new Tumblr, where a lot of the pop punk/midwest subculutre bread and grew from in the last decade. This can easily be connected to Aestheitcs.


Just as important as social media, Live Music exists within the same niche and web, however has it’s own culture and corespondants. For example, concert ediquite which very much depends on the type of music you’re listening too. Within Metal and other heavier genres it is increadibly common knowlegde how agressive the shows can be compared to others. The likelyhood of seeing an agressice death wall at a Rex Orange Country show to Slaughter To Preveil one is vastly different.


People who enage with these types of subculutres are very much tied to the phrase “It’s a life style,” and for most it really is. Just going off pop punk and emo we can tie down how important the aesthetics are to the community. This is why Aesthetics link back to Social Platforms which are all about persona and imagery.


Of course to really conduct ethnographic research for music you need to look at who creates the subject in the first place. They are probably the largest connecting factor, they are the curators of content that has allowed for the rest of the webs to branch off. Each one, even within the same genre, are making content for different audiences, different aesthetics – for example Ice Nine Kills is a whole brand relating to horror movies which is very unquie to them.