Hey, Hey, I’m Taylorlani!

I am in my twenties and currently studying full time at the University of Wollongong, Australia, for a degree of my Bachelors of Communication and Media, and a major in Marketing. I am a indigenous Māori individual, who has a fondness for connecting with my spirituality and culture. I spend all of time listening to music or writing about it, with sides of dabbling in poetry, creating all forms of art, and annotating novels to be that mysterious emo person at the cafe.

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“I just, I like so many things and I just think it’s stupid that – alright I think it’d be dumb to only show like one dimension of yourself especially like today…”

— Awsten Knight of Waterparks



What People Are Saying

“I love seeing and reading the work that Taylor creates, whether that be their marketing projects, writing, or even art. It is always well written, well presented, and engaging. While being a marketing major, Taylor has a great eye for design that will definitely set them apart from their peers in the future in the world of marketing, if they choose to go down this career path!”

— Bonnie Stonestreet

“Taylorlani’s work is consistently inspiring and continuously interesting. She’s able to create the most enticing content, no matter the topic, and bring her readers comfort and appreciation.”

— Tyneesha Williams

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