TaylorLani Artistry is an open Instagram page designed at showcasing the artworks which I create to the public. This page is also paired with a Redbubble store on the side where I sell prints, stickers and as of recently t-shirts of my art. The purpose behind this was to be able to share my art and designs with the world, to display something of myself for an audience that takes time, patience and is something I love.

Many Instagram art and illustrator accounts inspired the project, such as @erinjayee and @tasia.m.s who inspired the move of my art, which at the time was only shared on a personal account, to other platforms like Etsy and Redbubble. I am also extremely inspired by people and artists, which started me in the creation of portraits way before the existence of my Digital Artefact. 

Early on my idea was solely TaylorLani Artistry on Redbubble as a place to present my pieces, often being portraits and little illustrations. However, I found this was not the best move as it takes a lot of time and patience to create a finished piece. I could spend hours working on something behind the scenes and you wouldn’t know because it was yet to be finished. I had little to no audience engagement this way as well. 

The process of FEFO prompted the platform move to Instagram, where I instantly started to have audience interaction and engagement and was able to utilise my stories and reels to show my process. This made my DA a whole lot more enjoyable to keep up with and create for. 

During this process I also opted to be more forward on my Twitter account. Before this project, I used to share my art and, well, anything I was creating on there just because I wanted to. I missed the way I used to see my art as something I made and not what I was defined by. By adding the use of twitter I had another way of interacting with people, some who might not even be a part of my Instagram viewers.  

Though, with some feedback on my BCM114 blog I learned that the audience wasn’t feeling that personal touch from me as a creator. I have since taken this on board completely, along with the idea of targeting “fandom’ based audiences, which has allowed me to interact with my viewers in a whole new light and shared interests. I have even started by captioning some of “fandom” works with personal stories. 

TaylorLani Artistry has gone through a lot of different waves since I started it as just a Redbubble store. I have met a lot of amazing people through engaging and interacting with my audience, and my DA as a whole has grown so much. However, this isn’t where that growth suddenly stops, I am eager to keep creating and sharing on a deeper personal level in the future and seeing where it branches off too next. 

More TaylorLani Artistry

Hey, there guys!

If you haven’t heard about my current DA bfore, you can take a look at my last posts about it here.

For a quick reminder however, TaylorLani Artistry is both my Instagram and Redbubble dedicated to showcasing artworks I create, where my main focus portraits.

Instagram, Redbubble.

As this is my last update for the semester, just a quick overview on how TaylorLani Artistry has evolved since the begining. I started this project to get my art out there somehow, and initionally only was going to be doing so over a Redbubble store. This evolved and then moved to Instagram, where I have had much better success and found suited myself a lot better. Where it currently stands is on the gorwing idea of offering comissions for portraist as I have done before outside of my DA.

Ever since shifting my platform I have relied more so on feedback and engament that I wasn’t having before for most of my DA’s process. I would say this technically has set my project back than others, but I like to remind myself that not everyone walks the same path, especially not in a creative endeavour.

I started to engage mainly through Instagram stories, asking questions, posting personaly updates, sketches and even sales that I have made off of Redbubble. However, I only really just started to also include my twitter as a source for feedback and different types of posting like polls for my audience outside of Instagram. This has been a great addition though, as I have always shared my art on twitter even long before this semester and have had an audience which has been supportive and postive.

I have also recieved feedback from making posts of on this blog, which have open my eyes to a few different ways I can continue to develope TaylorLani Artistry. For example, making my posts and artowkr more personal and sharing more than just the final product.

A way I can do this is by drawing a focus on why the people I make artworks of inspire me, as that is the initial process of why I mke portraits to begin with. Along with even more reels and stories of the drawing process.

From here on out I do continue to keep creating content, as I have and probably always will be making art, continuing to make it a little different each time. I think the right way to go is to make my account more personal and connected to me, allowing my audience to engage with myself through my artwork.


In the short time it has been since I posted my Pitch for my DA, a Redbubble store where I can showcase and sell my digitial artworks, TaylorLani Artistry has under gone major shifts and changes that ultimately have put me in a far better place now than before.

When I first launched my store, I was excited to actually have something out there of my work, and while it technically worked and I made sales from it, I found that it was difficult to maintain.

This wasn’t beause I fell out with the idea or anything, in fact I still have my store open and still update it. However, I am kind of a perfectionist and though to someone who isn’t an artist it may not look it but I can spend days up to weeks on one piece and because of this I found that I wasn’t really being consistant with updating my desgins. Who wants to sell an unfinished artwork right?

Thus, after my first prototype I shifted my idea to focus on another area that not only works better for me but is more convenient to my scheduale and the duration of making.

I was already using an Instagram account for my DA as more of a promotion aspect for my store, but after a lot of consideration I have decided to focus more so on an Instagram page of my art rather than my main ploy being Redbubble.

This has been working incredibly well ever since making the decision. Now I don’t have to wait to share just a finished product with my auidence, but rather I can include all different aspects of the making process. From sharing my sketches and utilising the IGTV option to share speed-paintings.

This has also allowed me to see my Insights in a more exact way then just my sales, and I have come to notice that my auidence interacts higher with my portraits rather than my other artworks. This has also enabled me to use Polls, which I have since been enaging with my viewers to vote on which portriat they would like to see.

Ever since moving my ideas to Instagram I have also had the opportunity to recieve feedback and shares in a more orgonised and simplistic way from messages, comments and stories.

In spite of the platform shift, I believe my DA still targets the same audience that I had originally been working with becuase my content has changed within itself, morever that now I am able to showcase more than the final product but all the stages that go into creating an artwork. This has enabled me to be more active online and enage with my account.

Right Now?

While my DA has had a pretty decently sized shift, that hasn’t stopped the process of my ideas and concepts changing and growing over time. I have just started to interact with my audience to gain feedback in the possiblity of opening up commisioned portraits and whether or not anyone would be interested in seeing such development with TaylorLani Artistry. As for further one however, all I can say it that my DA is always growing and evoloving into something bigger and better.

Taylor-Lani Artistry Updates

Bcm114 Making Media – Online Presence

If you’ve been following for a bit you would know that I started Taylor-Lani Artistry a month or so ago for University. Taylor-Lani Artistry is where I post on Instagram and sell on Redbubble my artworks that I make in my free time. 

I have a pitch for this project here, where I showcase feedback on the idea I had for my DA and different aspects such as my logo changes. 

I love art and creating in many different forms, however, this project hasn’t been running perfectly or been without setbacks. I want to preface this with that while these things have been occurring, it doesn’t mean I love my process or the project any less. 

I digitally paint a lot of portraits of people who inspire me or I am just inspired to paint based on their style, and so with this I make portraits of ‘artists’ I like such as Awsten Knight and Colson Baker (MGK). This produced a setback with my store with ‘copyright’ and ‘mature content’ issues, resulting in one of my favorite pieces being taken down. However, after observing this problem, it has taught me to be extra cautious and respectful of my own work without changing what I’m doing and have had no issues as such since. 

Another occurrence with Taylor-Lani Artistry is the fact that I am not inspired to create all the time, and as many others do, struggle with artist block. To me my project feels like it’s been pushed back and not where it should be, however to others they don’t even notice it. I wanted to use my struggles to my advantage though, and on my Instagram stories engaged and consulted with my audience how they overcome art block and to share their strategies if they wanted. This has made me feel more connected to my audience even if I haven’t been continuously creating. 

I feel as if my short break has also made me more interested in my project as of right now. The artworks I have been working on since have had so much heart and soul in them and I have come to be really proud of them. I think this comes from my works not being forced and fabricated for the sake of putting out content. 

I feel as if I have only just stepped out of the defining stage, with supporters now receiving items of which they have brought off my store, which has me very excited to see where this continues to go in the future. 



Hey, there!

I am pitching a project for my BCM114 DA titled TaylorLani Artistry. You can find me and this project at @taylorlani_artistry on Instagram and TaylorLani on Redbubble.

TaylorLani Artistry is a small art business, where I will be producing my own artistic content, sharing it on Instagram and selling on Redbubble in a bunch of different products such as phone cases, posters stickers and more!

I am aiming this project at an Alternative audience, as my artworks range from portraits of artists within the Scene who inspire me as well as works featuring more Punk esc themes.

This has been something I have wanted to do for a while, thus I am incredibly excited to move through this journey and share my work with the world. I hope through this project I further develop more artistic and business skills which I can take with me into my future career.