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Hey, there guys!

If you haven’t heard about my current DA bfore, you can take a look at my last posts about it here.

For a quick reminder however, TaylorLani Artistry is both my Instagram and Redbubble dedicated to showcasing artworks I create, where my main focus portraits.

Instagram, Redbubble.

As this is my last update for the semester, just a quick overview on how TaylorLani Artistry has evolved since the begining. I started this project to get my art out there somehow, and initionally only was going to be doing so over a Redbubble store. This evolved and then moved to Instagram, where I have had much better success and found suited myself a lot better. Where it currently stands is on the gorwing idea of offering comissions for portraist as I have done before outside of my DA.

Ever since shifting my platform I have relied more so on feedback and engament that I wasn’t having before for most of my DA’s process. I would say this technically has set my project back than others, but I like to remind myself that not everyone walks the same path, especially not in a creative endeavour.

I started to engage mainly through Instagram stories, asking questions, posting personaly updates, sketches and even sales that I have made off of Redbubble. However, I only really just started to also include my twitter as a source for feedback and different types of posting like polls for my audience outside of Instagram. This has been a great addition though, as I have always shared my art on twitter even long before this semester and have had an audience which has been supportive and postive.

I have also recieved feedback from making posts of on this blog, which have open my eyes to a few different ways I can continue to develope TaylorLani Artistry. For example, making my posts and artowkr more personal and sharing more than just the final product.

A way I can do this is by drawing a focus on why the people I make artworks of inspire me, as that is the initial process of why I mke portraits to begin with. Along with even more reels and stories of the drawing process.

From here on out I do continue to keep creating content, as I have and probably always will be making art, continuing to make it a little different each time. I think the right way to go is to make my account more personal and connected to me, allowing my audience to engage with myself through my artwork.


  1. Hi Taylor!!! I absolutely adore your DA. Your creativity is so insane and I believe you can so many places with it. I think you really need to break into the fandom market, you have everything you would need to possibly do so. I suggest making a fan account on twitter, dedicated to an artist or perhaps reaching out to fan accounts/ update accounts with bigger followings that can share your art. It really deserves to blow up and with small things like that it could take you further. Also your blog post really explains how you use your feedback to help you create your pieces/ products. I would love if you provided a more in depth explanation of the making and breaking process! But overall I adore this and I can’t wait to see you being famous one day 🙂

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  2. Hey! This is literally so cool! I love your art style, it’s really aesthetically pleasing and unique!! I’m kind of doing a similar thing as you with the whole RedBubble store + Instagram so it’s really helpful to see another person doing something similar. Like the previous comment says, going into a specific fandom, even if it’s really broad like film / music could be really interesting! Good luck!

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  3. Hi Taylor! I was very excited to see the progress you have made as I absolutely love your DA! Your artworks have only gotten better! Using Instagram as a new way to showcase your product seemed to work in your favour! I also use Instagram as a way to showcase my DA. I agree it is a very useful way to engage with your audience as well as an effective way to observe them. I think it would be beneficial for you to mention in your Instagram bio the type of medium you use and that you are willing to do custom pieces. You also mentioned that you used Redbubble as a way to sell your works of art and I was curious to know if you have tried using a different platform like Etsy. For my DA we increased the number of platforms our podcast was available on and this certainly helped with drawing in a larger audience!

    I’m really happy to hear that your break only made you come back stronger, producing your creative ideas into beautiful works of art! Your follower feedback has been very positive and has clearly allowed you to adapt to the wants and needs of your audience. I was interested to know if you have made any further sales and if not what you think may be the cause of this? You have clearly mentioned the updates and progress of your DA throughout this blog post. You are extremely talented, and I can’t wait to see what you produce next! Good luck!

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