TaylorLani Artistry is an open Instagram page designed at showcasing the artworks which I create to the public. This page is also paired with a Redbubble store on the side where I sell prints, stickers and as of recently t-shirts of my art. The purpose behind this was to be able to share my art and designs with the world, to display something of myself for an audience that takes time, patience and is something I love.

Many Instagram art and illustrator accounts inspired the project, such as @erinjayee and @tasia.m.s who inspired the move of my art, which at the time was only shared on a personal account, to other platforms like Etsy and Redbubble. I am also extremely inspired by people and artists, which started me in the creation of portraits way before the existence of my Digital Artefact. 

Early on my idea was solely TaylorLani Artistry on Redbubble as a place to present my pieces, often being portraits and little illustrations. However, I found this was not the best move as it takes a lot of time and patience to create a finished piece. I could spend hours working on something behind the scenes and you wouldn’t know because it was yet to be finished. I had little to no audience engagement this way as well. 

The process of FEFO prompted the platform move to Instagram, where I instantly started to have audience interaction and engagement and was able to utilise my stories and reels to show my process. This made my DA a whole lot more enjoyable to keep up with and create for. 

During this process I also opted to be more forward on my Twitter account. Before this project, I used to share my art and, well, anything I was creating on there just because I wanted to. I missed the way I used to see my art as something I made and not what I was defined by. By adding the use of twitter I had another way of interacting with people, some who might not even be a part of my Instagram viewers.  

Though, with some feedback on my BCM114 blog I learned that the audience wasn’t feeling that personal touch from me as a creator. I have since taken this on board completely, along with the idea of targeting “fandom’ based audiences, which has allowed me to interact with my viewers in a whole new light and shared interests. I have even started by captioning some of “fandom” works with personal stories. 

TaylorLani Artistry has gone through a lot of different waves since I started it as just a Redbubble store. I have met a lot of amazing people through engaging and interacting with my audience, and my DA as a whole has grown so much. However, this isn’t where that growth suddenly stops, I am eager to keep creating and sharing on a deeper personal level in the future and seeing where it branches off too next. 

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