Hi, yes, hello, this post is a little late but that’s okay we’re here now! University has this thing of starting right on my birthday, which isn’t that big of deal until you realise that I have never ever had a birthday where my life didn’t get turned on it’s head. I genuinly don’t think I can remember a birthday where I didn’t cry about something and retreat into my head for the next two weeks, falling down a whole of internal suffering for the following days. Is that a little too much to be putting here, in the morning, for my welcome back post? Maybe, but it’s the exact reason why I’ve had this post planned out for a week and kept putting it off. We’re good now though, until next year rolls around, but hey, stay with me and I can garentee you that this tradition will remian intact.

I guess we can follow that up with hi, my names Taylor lani and I just turned ninteen last week. I’m a second year student at UOW now in 2021, currently studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media. Though please don’t ask what I’m majoring in for no, I can’t keep my mind straight enough to really pick one and honestly, vibing with I might change again, but that’s okay! It’s all apart of my journey.

Speaking of journey’s, it takes a mighty one to get to Wollongong and campus from where I am living these days. I used to live on campus last year, and it was fine while it lasted, but during the peak of 2020 Covid I moved back home with my dad. Home for me is in a small coastal town within Jervis Bay. I moved around a lot as a kid but pretty much all little towns and suburbs were on this part of the coast. It’s familiar, and it was very calming to return to and spend the bulk of 2020 studying online.

It’s funny how I started this post off about my birthday and am about to lead into that day again, however this one was from when I was just starting year 7. I had started picking up this hobby of reading in around year 5 and it was my favourite thing! You would never see me without a book, infact teachers back then had to take them off me so I would actually do the class work. I remeber being so inspired by my favourite authors, looking into who they were and everything. The common link? All of them went to University, for different things that all fall within the relm of writting and communication. So what did I do? Well, it was birthday, and it had been an equally terrible day as the last besides the fact I was gifted more books, and that night I sat on the floor of the living room and told my mum, “I want to go to University.”

That had been my life goal all throughout high school. I knew what I wanted and I was going to make it work.

And it did! I got here and while I had spent all those years imagining what my life would be like to finally have achieved something like this, none of it came close to the real thing at all. I think that’s a good thing though, how boring would first year have been if it was right?

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