I am in my twenties and currently studying full time at the University of Wollongong, Australia, for a degree of my Bachelors of Communication and Media, and a major in Marketing. I am a indigenous Māori individual, who has a fondness for connecting with my spirituality and culture. I spend all of time listening to music or writing about it, with sides of dabbling in poetry, creating all forms of art, and annotating novels to be that mysterious emo person at the cafe.

I have grown up around a culture and history of music from the moment I was born, which has steadily stayed a core role of my identity. This love for music has been through each aspect of my life journey; be it my father putting on live in concert DVDs to keep me entertained as a little kid, my elder siblings and cousins infusing Myspace music and the era of Limewire into me, my teen years spent a little hysterical within the Tumblr scene, to now where it still is taking not just my time but my money.

I believe that human nature is to create, it is stored within our bones and bleeds through our pours. Life is built up on experience and art, and I have nothing but devotion to both of these things.


Taylorlani provides alternative music generated content deep in subcultural and interrelationship nuance, with a life-time of personal and historical experience within the area. Curating awareness, ties, and marketing of The Scene, Artists, and their work through targeted content of reviews, analysis, and discussions. Along with this, Taylorlani is continuing to expand, with the current creation and disruption of a informative, opinionated, lifestyle, and discussion oriented podcast titled “Wasted Taste”, a spin on music taste. 

Taylorlani creates this content in order to provide space, and ongoing growth to a community I’ve grown up in, along with the desire to see it continue on in the future. As well as a strong tie to the work, I hope to grow my name, my networks, and career opportunities. These include aspects such as internships, full time employment in music sentric areas of marketing, for example such as label/artist marketing and management, professional writing, and more. In addition to future employers, Taylorlani creates content for fellow members of The Scene. This target audience is the community surrounding these aspects of music, often referenced as a life-style, which cultivates around and engages with the music industry. 

Taylorlani at my core is the personification of culture, life, and music deeply rooted in personal articulation and appreciation, translated in a professional work based atmosphere of content creation to further uplift The Scene.