If you have been living under a rock by any chance lately than you wouldn’t know that the Tumblr darlings The 1975 just released their 6th studio album titled “Being Funny In A Foreign Language”. Though, if you’ve been online at any point within the last week then of course you know this since, once again, some British boys have broken it.

There has been this ongoing trend within media since the decade switch from the 2010’s; as contradictory as it sounds, it is as if we’re in this constant state of reminiscence, desire, and an oddly placed “thank fuck that’s over”. Really, I think a lot of this comes from the longing for Tumblr, while also despising it. It’s weird too, having been a teenager in the 2010’s, to see it so romanticised while also the current teens wishing they were apart of it. I mean, that’s how I felt with Myspace having only been around that time because of an elder sibling. Tumblr has become what Myspace was in the 2010’s – loathed, criticised (rightfully), but nonetheless yearned for.

And that is kind of exactly what this new The 1975 album sounds like if I were to personify it.


I don’t think my feed has been this full of the band since Tumblr, I mean I have friends from high school sending me tiktoks about this whole resurgence that I hardly speak to. Not to mention that the aesthetic we all associate with that era is on the return. If I’m going to be honest, I still dress like some awkward emo, grunge Tumblr kid so I’m happy it’s back in. Leave my messy eyes, Dr. Martins, and torn stockings alone, she’s trendy again.

“You’re makin an aesthetic out of not doing well” – The 1975 (BFIAFL)

I don’t really know how to talk about this album. I took no notes. I listened to it while I cried in my bedroom at night. How else was I supposed to? What I do know is that Matty Healy just be saying words and oh, oh how I love that he does.

One of my favourite things about this album is that while I will sit here and say its a call back to the 2010’s, I wholeheartedly believe it is an elevated, somewhat more grown in time, and just older. Not, in the way you would mean that this is better, for that is subjective, but as if those albums were kids, and this is them as a raging 20 something. That could just be my perception since I was so young and now I am a raging 20 something. Either way, that’s what I think, and its really something to ponder.


A teenage Taylorlani is sitting on their bed, a stolen pack of her parent's cigarettes beside her. She is the embodiment of a mess - hair, makeup, and flannel plaid clothes. Off her tiny phone speaker plays THE 1975 album 'I LIKE IT WHEN YOU SLEEP, FOR YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL YET SO UNAWARE OF IT'. She is crying and drained. A typical teenage girl. 



A 20 something Taylorlani is sitting on their bed, a brought with her own money pack of cigarettes beside her. She is the depiction of a put together mess - hair, makeup, and stockings with a rip at the knee. Off her laptop speaker plays THE 1975 album 'BEING FUNNY IN A FOREIGN LANUAGE'. She is exhausted, crying in a free moment. Your standard University girl. 


Okay, so maybe it might just be because I’m older. I still feel it. I feel it man, that’s what this album has been doing to me. I keep seeing those “this has changed the trajectory of my life path” tiktoks about Track 10 ‘About You’, and yeah. Just yeah. Its as if I have awoken from some dehydrated fever dream of a reality and placed back where I was supposed to be. Where teenage me thought I would be. So much of my thought process sometimes is if teenage Taylorlani would think I was cool, and with this whole resurgence I think she most certainty would think that.

Bouncing off that it’s almost as if this album, this Matty Healy is on my social media feed across all platforms (have you seen the Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg? Ugh) has healed some form of my inner child. It’s grounding almost. Which you might be thinking “calm down it’s just an album, man”, and you’re right it is. An outstanding beauty that is pure freaking artistry. It is so good that I truly feel as if I have changed. Sonically brilliant as always. Tonally enticing, makes me think of spearmint.

All in all, I am here for whatever this era is. Whether Tumblr comes back head first, or it’s just the stylistic nature that was that time. I am so incredibly excited to see what other art comes from this, and who better to really slam us back in time than The 1975?


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