In the short time it has been since I posted my Pitch for my DA, a Redbubble store where I can showcase and sell my digitial artworks, TaylorLani Artistry has under gone major shifts and changes that ultimately have put me in a far better place now than before.

When I first launched my store, I was excited to actually have something out there of my work, and while it technically worked and I made sales from it, I found that it was difficult to maintain.

This wasn’t beause I fell out with the idea or anything, in fact I still have my store open and still update it. However, I am kind of a perfectionist and though to someone who isn’t an artist it may not look it but I can spend days up to weeks on one piece and because of this I found that I wasn’t really being consistant with updating my desgins. Who wants to sell an unfinished artwork right?

Thus, after my first prototype I shifted my idea to focus on another area that not only works better for me but is more convenient to my scheduale and the duration of making.

I was already using an Instagram account for my DA as more of a promotion aspect for my store, but after a lot of consideration I have decided to focus more so on an Instagram page of my art rather than my main ploy being Redbubble.

This has been working incredibly well ever since making the decision. Now I don’t have to wait to share just a finished product with my auidence, but rather I can include all different aspects of the making process. From sharing my sketches and utilising the IGTV option to share speed-paintings.

This has also allowed me to see my Insights in a more exact way then just my sales, and I have come to notice that my auidence interacts higher with my portraits rather than my other artworks. This has also enabled me to use Polls, which I have since been enaging with my viewers to vote on which portriat they would like to see.

Ever since moving my ideas to Instagram I have also had the opportunity to recieve feedback and shares in a more orgonised and simplistic way from messages, comments and stories.

In spite of the platform shift, I believe my DA still targets the same audience that I had originally been working with becuase my content has changed within itself, morever that now I am able to showcase more than the final product but all the stages that go into creating an artwork. This has enabled me to be more active online and enage with my account.

Right Now?

While my DA has had a pretty decently sized shift, that hasn’t stopped the process of my ideas and concepts changing and growing over time. I have just started to interact with my audience to gain feedback in the possiblity of opening up commisioned portraits and whether or not anyone would be interested in seeing such development with TaylorLani Artistry. As for further one however, all I can say it that my DA is always growing and evoloving into something bigger and better.


  1. Hi Talyor!
    As you know – i absolutely ADORE your art! if i could have that luke hemmings portrait on a shirt, i would wear it under all my clothes for the rest of my liiiiife (not to be weird, i just wanted to emphasise how much i love that piece <3. Your Instagram is going well – i love the aesthetic that your art style and subjects bring and as someone who grew up watching my artist friends sketch as a way to soothe my anxiety – the process videos are something i really love seeing. you are fulfilling a truly meaningful and life-saving social utility in that light.
    As for constructive feedback – i want to refrain from telling you that you need to produce more content – art takes time and the Instagram algorithm isn't kind to inconsistent posting – which means that likes and follows etc. are not a meaningful means by which to judge the quality and worth of your art. But if you look positive feedback such as this instead of Instagram analytics as a sign of success – i think you're doing amazing.
    In the course of running my own DA on Instagram, I've discovered you can increase this meaningful feedback quite dramatically with just a post to your story specifically requesting feedback/asking art-based questions to your users. Posts on your story are great for days where you don't have content to post, and in my experience, I've found that they're generally less energy for a greater reward.
    I'd love to see more 'making-of' videos and images – another idea is between artworks – you could post about the subject of your next portrait! you could do a kind of feature profile about them, why you wanted to do your portrait on them/it – what it says about you and why it interests you. (another thing I've learned is that users tend to engage more with content that seems more personal to the creator).
    taking commissions is a great idea! – i might just have to hit you up at some point for a playlist cover!
    Perhaps i could take a page out of your book and find an aesthetically appealing way of formatting a 'making of' video for my playlists :))
    Love and kindness,
    Tyneesha ❤

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    • Hey Tyneesha, thank you so much for the feedback! I’m glad to see that you like the Luke portrait so much, I think I’ll add it to my Redbubble designs just for you ☺️💖 (you could even get it on a shirt then).
      Thank you so much for the suggestion for content! I kind of learnt the hard way with how long my art takes to make sometimes haha but I LOVE the idea of making things more personal with posts about my portraits 💖💖


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