Taylor-Lani Artistry Updates

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If you’ve been following for a bit you would know that I started Taylor-Lani Artistry a month or so ago for University. Taylor-Lani Artistry is where I post on Instagram and sell on Redbubble my artworks that I make in my free time. 

I have a pitch for this project here, where I showcase feedback on the idea I had for my DA and different aspects such as my logo changes. 

I love art and creating in many different forms, however, this project hasn’t been running perfectly or been without setbacks. I want to preface this with that while these things have been occurring, it doesn’t mean I love my process or the project any less. 

I digitally paint a lot of portraits of people who inspire me or I am just inspired to paint based on their style, and so with this I make portraits of ‘artists’ I like such as Awsten Knight and Colson Baker (MGK). This produced a setback with my store with ‘copyright’ and ‘mature content’ issues, resulting in one of my favorite pieces being taken down. However, after observing this problem, it has taught me to be extra cautious and respectful of my own work without changing what I’m doing and have had no issues as such since. 

Another occurrence with Taylor-Lani Artistry is the fact that I am not inspired to create all the time, and as many others do, struggle with artist block. To me my project feels like it’s been pushed back and not where it should be, however to others they don’t even notice it. I wanted to use my struggles to my advantage though, and on my Instagram stories engaged and consulted with my audience how they overcome art block and to share their strategies if they wanted. This has made me feel more connected to my audience even if I haven’t been continuously creating. 

I feel as if my short break has also made me more interested in my project as of right now. The artworks I have been working on since have had so much heart and soul in them and I have come to be really proud of them. I think this comes from my works not being forced and fabricated for the sake of putting out content. 

I feel as if I have only just stepped out of the defining stage, with supporters now receiving items of which they have brought off my store, which has me very excited to see where this continues to go in the future. 



  1. Hi Taylor! Until today I hadn’t come across your work but I’m very thankful that I did, I absolutely love your artworks they genuinely impress me. I love the theme of your blog post very aesthetically pleasing! I also love your inclusion of screenshots from your Instagram stories and the positive comments, it demonstrates evidence that you are gaining positive feedback from your audience. I especially liked the photo of the satisfied customer with their artworks. I also used screenshots from my Instagram account in my blog post if you want to check it out here https://daleramsden.home.blog/2020/09/18/da-update/ .

    Bit of a bummer about your favourite art piece getting taken down as well. At least you learned from it that’s what really matters. I had a similar situation happen with a lot of my photos on my Instagram being taken, I just had to adapt and find different ideas. Where you mentioned you got inspired by creators such as Awsten Knight and Colson Baker I feel as though a link to some of their works or just a photo showing the artworks you were inspired by would have added to your blog. I also feel where you mentioned that you had to learn from your mistake a link or a mention of the concept of FEFO would have been good. Overall a really great blog post and I look forward to seeing more of your amazing artworks!!

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  2. Hey! This artistry is absolutely amazing! I love the aesthetic of this page along with the unique graphics you’ve chosen to illustrate with. I feel like your blog really touches well on the focal points go project development. You can tell you put lots of heart and soul into your works and I’ve further been intrigued by the way you’ve displayed intricate details in your starter pack and mood boards. As someone that’s doing someone creative for their DA as well I 100% understand the artist block of just not feeling in that ‘creative mode’. Even though you’ve talked about some pretty critical setbacks, I feel as though you’ve done well to adapt you art around something that would make most people just want to stop completely and this really shows in your audience feedback. Feeling super inspired after looking at your work and reading your post, can definitely see how your selling pieces on Redbubble, well done!

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  3. Hi Taylor! You are certainly very talented and your passion for this certainly comes across your work! I love art and seeing what you have produced has only increased my love of art. Your project has certainly grown! Your mood boards have done a wonderful job at creating your overall aesthetic and project. It looks like your follower feedback has allowed you to adapt your work in order to suit the needs and wants of your audience. You have clearly stated the updates and progress of your DA throughout this blog. However, I was just interested to know if you have any statistics relating to your increased audience/followers and engagement. Are there any steps you are going to take in the future to help grow your project?

    I was really happy to hear about your FEFO moments as I too can relate, I had my own FEFO moment with the editing of my podcast. I to struggle with artist block in my own project, constantly coming up with content to talk about on my podcast has proved challenging. A way that I counteract this is by asking my audience what they want. I feel as though this could also help you and lead to a quicker sale of your beautiful work, instead of asking them how they overcome this block. Have you considered exploring other platforms to sell your work such as Etsy? In my DA I also stated that I want to explore another social media site such as TikTok and I think this could really benefit your project and grow your following by perhaps making a small montage of you making your artwork to the final product. Overall a great progress report and I can’t wait to see what you produce next! Good luck!


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