To start things off, this idea is one million percent taken from my dearest friend, Tyneesha, however, I do promise you’ll get something different out of this. Such as the amount of times I spend crying at gigs. I need to start a tally.

I have been going to live music shows since I was 12-13-ish, and while so many I would never even imagine piling into this post, and so many that I’m ashamed to have even seen such terrible people, sprinkled in between those and the allegations are some of the most euphoric moments of individual existence. That paired with a daunting opinionated personality right down to the venue, the time of year – I’m looking at you The Big Top in the middle of Australian Summer, hand me that free water – and crowd, I have complied this list of moments I deem favourable.


In 2017, Motionless In White released their Graveyard Shift album in May and followed that up with an Australian tour in the Summer. I had more than one show to go to within a three-day period at this time, and considering the fact I was a minor and lived rurally, I went all out for this show. I had this mental list of songs I needed to hear, was on my knees begging, and outstandingly all but two were met in those hours. Plus I was attending this gig with some of my best friends, as well as being the start of shows my parents were allowing me to attend without an adult present. Crown The Empire opened for this show, which was a comedic additive to the night. I brought one of my favourite pieces of merch that night, and it’s still holding up with only slight fading in 2023! Afterwards, I ate the most terrible Hungry Jacks meal and have never eaten there again since, which really pushes this memory up.


I am not going in any sort of order here, but this gig was after the first wave of Covid-19 lockdowns, and it was going to be my first entry back into shows, and at my University too, so I was over the moon. Plus this tour was more than just an average “let’s play some songs” gig, with the band rightfully naming this tour ‘We Need To Talk’ where it was more about connecting, telling stories, and singing. As a die-hard Trophy Eyes fan this was a beautiful experience, something I haven’t ever experienced again and probably won’t. Coincidentally, I went to this show with the same friends as the one above. I was fairly drunk, but so was the band by the end of it. It was like hanging out with friends who happen to also be singing some tunes you cried to last week. To me, there really is something about being in a crowded room full of American Trad tattoos, old-school Vans, and beer that makes me think pure happiness is achievable. I think I even cried during this show. I also nearly had to sleep at the train station that night after the drivers went on strike, which certainly was eventful.


That second gig I had the same week as Motionless In White I mentioned? Well, Hellions opened, and there is something to be said about an opener who can really play to a crowd that quite literally is not there for them. To be fair I wasn’t there for the main band either since I was only there for a friend as a buddy. Hellions have had a little place in my heart of Aussie bands for years, and I can pinpoint this show as the reason they stuck with me. I love energy, I love movement, and nothing apart of their set was a dull moment. I really hate the venue that this took place in like it is pure hatred, and the fact this whole experience has made it onto this list despite that? Incredible. There is also something to be said about an artist who can really play in a terrible spot, too.


Now, this list isn’t in any numbered first-to-last order or anything, but if it were this would be a contender for that top shot. This set was only a month ago during a festival, a festival I realistically only attended for them. My bank account cried a bit, but every broke Uni student penny counted for this moment was life-changing. For context, I had desired to attend their previous Aus tour, however, was unable to due to unfortunate events and I sobbed into my partner at the time’s arms about the Instagram stories on my feed. So when I fought through two, possibly three I can’t remember, different sets of bands to get a centre barricade spot just for them I was either achieving that or dying. I have never been as happy as I was during their set. This was a top moment of my lifetime. I did miss a crowd surfer coming towards me during ‘Keep This Up’ – my fault! 100% on me! – and have a large man slam my head into the barricade bar and sit on me. Security couldn’t even get him off me for ages, and when he finally rolled off, nearly taking me over with him, everyone was insisting I go to the medical tent. Did I? No, I paid hundreds of dollars to be here I wasn’t leaving. It did result in a concussion, and a massive right side of the face bruise for a week but I meant it when I said you would have to drag me out dead to get me to leave. One of the most memorable parts of this was the fact I stood there for 20 minutes afterwards and cried. The crowd had left to go see Deftones and later Bring Me The Horizon, but I was a mess. My friend had to come to collect me. This was one of the happiest moments of my entire life, I screamed every song, I threw myself into it all and wouldn’t change it.


During the same festival as above, the only other real dire need was to see Thornhill in the morning. I love them so much. I cannot even put in words how much. There is just something about them and their music that shifts me somewhere else. My friend hadn’t heard their stuff before and afterwards, mentioned how good they were, and how they should be listening to them. I managed to hackle my way of getting a setlist too! Cue it being one of my most prized possessions now. The crowd was so fun here, especially since they were one of the first bands on the line-up to play stage four. We were all fresh-faced, a couple of vodka Redbull’s in, full of buzzing electricity. Which, to be fair, is the way I would describe not only their performances, but also their style. It was so hot during their set, I was basically melting, but alas nothing was stopping me and I was moshing around, letting loose, and yelling to some of my favourite songs.


During another favourite live music event that will be mentioned soon, Waax was an opener. There is something special about only a handful of people in the front end of a crowd that knows a band. I was so hyped when a lot of people were so dead. I was singing, I was moving, and I was the centre barricade for this event by chance too. Maz – the love of my life – was so interactive during this show. There was this moment down from the stage where she held my hand and sang to me. I was losing my mind. The number of times I got to be sung at considering how dead the rest of the crowd was from their lack of knowledge was butterfly-inducing. I mentioned it above about how there is something to be said about openers who can really play to a crowd that mostly is not there for them. I’ve seen many that get a bit overwhelmed, which is completely valid and understandable. You don’t start being confident you grow into it. That being said, when you see a band that just takes an opening spot by storm its incredibly rememberable, just like Waax here. At the end of the show, their lovely drummer handed me a setlist. I was yelling, and I still had so much more of this night to go…


…Such as The Amity Affliction. I wrote a whole piece on this gig here, after waiting for rescheduling and Covid restrictions for it. I had met them a few years prior too. I even got to see them again a few months later at Good Things Festival 2022, which was the same setlist besides their latest release, and not as fun since I went down in the mosh and feared for my life. But this night? Already off to an outstanding start as mentioned. This was my first gig with fire effects, which was fabulous, I loved that detail. The thing with Amity shows, and a lot of metal is that it’s basically a push-and-no-shove game. The objective is to crush each other, to be suffocated, and it doesn’t sound nice but it’s the most fun. The important part of it is how the crowd is with taking care of each other, and every time I have seen Amity, whether I survived or tumbled down, I am taken cared of. The setlist was nicely packed with different eras, people standing on the crowd, nudity, and a community. I ate the most diabolical Macca’s meal before a train and Uber home while in complete and utter dissociation.


This is one of my favourite moments in live music because of how different it was from most. Again, it was at a festival, but it was a set I witnessed will no stress, far away from the stage in a field of complete strangers who banded together to sit, stand, and softly sing at sunset. Compared to the high-demand pit, or any close vantage point to see Bring Me The Horizon headline a festival in Australia that was vicious, potent and loud, the far back was full of quiet, tired, and totally euphoric individuals. I tend to be a pit person unless I’m super into an artist and head for that barricade spot because I love being hyper, intense, and rowdy. That’s my thing, and this was so unlike that, and myself, that it booted this experience towards the top. Not to mention, as many people have brought up, this festival had some sound issues. Which I’m not here to complain about it, these things can happen, but strangely enough, it somehow made parts of this set better. What I mean by that is it’s Bring Me The Horizon, everyone knows their songs, so in those moments of sound difficulties, all that surrounded us was the voices of hundreds of people who didn’t need anything to keep them in time, tune, or place. It’s that kind of thing you think about as a pre-teen emo, where lyrics mean more to you than your English paper, and standing with the like-minded belting your heart out to ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ and ‘Drown’ is a dream. It was a dream. Plus, it is so contradictory to say I had a soft and gentle time seeing this band, the band known and loved for a divine aggression. 

To conclude, there have been many shows, gigs, and events I have been to in the near ten years – I can’t believe I just typed that? It’s ageing me – of live music that has a place in my heart that isn’t on this list. Because, as much as an artist can mean to you at the time, no one in the emo-alternative sphere has been safe from said artists. I hate knowing I’ve spent money, and met certain people, who have abused their positions of power to take advantage of minors, and fans. I want to note it though, I think it’s important, and I want to make it clear that a lot of these are more recent sets because of this. It sucks, it’s hurtful, and I’m exhausted of it to be fair.

Besides that downward turn there, there will always be live music in my life, so I am sure this list will probably be outdated in a year or two. Which I think is part of the joy of it. Music is ever-changing, gigs are too, and so am I. One day I might look back on any of these and think “yeah, it happened”, instead of “yeah, that happened!”. We’ll see, I’m sure I’ll let you know.

As Always, Love,


If you have been living under a rock by any chance lately than you wouldn’t know that the Tumblr darlings The 1975 just released their 6th studio album titled “Being Funny In A Foreign Language”. Though, if you’ve been online at any point within the last week then of course you know this since, once again, some British boys have broken it.

There has been this ongoing trend within media since the decade switch from the 2010’s; as contradictory as it sounds, it is as if we’re in this constant state of reminiscence, desire, and an oddly placed “thank fuck that’s over”. Really, I think a lot of this comes from the longing for Tumblr, while also despising it. It’s weird too, having been a teenager in the 2010’s, to see it so romanticised while also the current teens wishing they were apart of it. I mean, that’s how I felt with Myspace having only been around that time because of an elder sibling. Tumblr has become what Myspace was in the 2010’s – loathed, criticised (rightfully), but nonetheless yearned for.

And that is kind of exactly what this new The 1975 album sounds like if I were to personify it.


I don’t think my feed has been this full of the band since Tumblr, I mean I have friends from high school sending me tiktoks about this whole resurgence that I hardly speak to. Not to mention that the aesthetic we all associate with that era is on the return. If I’m going to be honest, I still dress like some awkward emo, grunge Tumblr kid so I’m happy it’s back in. Leave my messy eyes, Dr. Martins, and torn stockings alone, she’s trendy again.

“You’re makin an aesthetic out of not doing well” – The 1975 (BFIAFL)

I don’t really know how to talk about this album. I took no notes. I listened to it while I cried in my bedroom at night. How else was I supposed to? What I do know is that Matty Healy just be saying words and oh, oh how I love that he does.

One of my favourite things about this album is that while I will sit here and say its a call back to the 2010’s, I wholeheartedly believe it is an elevated, somewhat more grown in time, and just older. Not, in the way you would mean that this is better, for that is subjective, but as if those albums were kids, and this is them as a raging 20 something. That could just be my perception since I was so young and now I am a raging 20 something. Either way, that’s what I think, and its really something to ponder.


A teenage Taylorlani is sitting on their bed, a stolen pack of her parent's cigarettes beside her. She is the embodiment of a mess - hair, makeup, and flannel plaid clothes. Off her tiny phone speaker plays THE 1975 album 'I LIKE IT WHEN YOU SLEEP, FOR YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL YET SO UNAWARE OF IT'. She is crying and drained. A typical teenage girl. 



A 20 something Taylorlani is sitting on their bed, a brought with her own money pack of cigarettes beside her. She is the depiction of a put together mess - hair, makeup, and stockings with a rip at the knee. Off her laptop speaker plays THE 1975 album 'BEING FUNNY IN A FOREIGN LANUAGE'. She is exhausted, crying in a free moment. Your standard University girl. 


Okay, so maybe it might just be because I’m older. I still feel it. I feel it man, that’s what this album has been doing to me. I keep seeing those “this has changed the trajectory of my life path” tiktoks about Track 10 ‘About You’, and yeah. Just yeah. Its as if I have awoken from some dehydrated fever dream of a reality and placed back where I was supposed to be. Where teenage me thought I would be. So much of my thought process sometimes is if teenage Taylorlani would think I was cool, and with this whole resurgence I think she most certainty would think that.

Bouncing off that it’s almost as if this album, this Matty Healy is on my social media feed across all platforms (have you seen the Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg? Ugh) has healed some form of my inner child. It’s grounding almost. Which you might be thinking “calm down it’s just an album, man”, and you’re right it is. An outstanding beauty that is pure freaking artistry. It is so good that I truly feel as if I have changed. Sonically brilliant as always. Tonally enticing, makes me think of spearmint.

All in all, I am here for whatever this era is. Whether Tumblr comes back head first, or it’s just the stylistic nature that was that time. I am so incredibly excited to see what other art comes from this, and who better to really slam us back in time than The 1975?


Hey, hey! 

It’s the end of July, it’s basically Halloween to me, which also means we’re a very decent amount into the year. Crazy right? This year has weirdly blown by me like a passing breath. One moment it was January and I was changing into a different University major years into my degree, and now I’m here with an abundant list of music I’ve been listening to all year. 


I actually wrote down my first thoughts to each song when this album dropped with the intent of a review, however the days and months went on and I was still too burnt out, too tired, and too sad to write a thing. Yet, in saying that, I listened to this album constantly during that time. See, Back From The Dead is aggressively feminine with a soccer punch of personal growth, age, and worth. It is quite literally everything I wanted and definitely needed. Enriched with kickass women-hood and acceptance of self delivered in a metal music love letter. The album just straight bangs. I mean, I’ve only heard the term “bombshell” in regards to women from the mouth of a man with eyes of sexualation. While I wouldn’t say reclaimed is the right word here, I want to still make a point of it. I think that’s kinda something important to unpack, as well as being a testament to what this whole project is doing. 

Notable favourite song recommendations from said album: Wicked Ways, Strange Girl, My Redemption, and Psycho Crazy. 


This might get kind of “fangirl” of me, but really that’s a good sign. I have not gone a single day since January of this year where I have not listened to these guys. That’s not even an exaggeration, my Spotify “On Repeat” is cursed now. January 2022 met us with that iconic release of WW3, and I have been basically drugged musically since. I am an addict. I want my Poptropicaslutz fix all the time. I don’t even know how to describe this stuff to you, me who writes poetry, is at a near constant loss for words. My only attempt would be if you take the Neon Pop Punk era, Myspace Scene sound of I Set My Friends On Fire/Brockencyde, 2010’s emo rap (though not necessarily “Sad Boi”), and throw it in something more intense than a blender. I don’t know how it works. I don’t know why it does. I do not know anything other than everything – and by God do I mean everything – is straight heat. I literally be giggling and kicking my legs when they randomly tweet out “new song tonight”. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: romeo & juliet, I MISS 2007, user not found, eccentric hats & motley patterns, and Hysteria is impossible without an audience. 


Do not bother making “this is a red flag” comment. Do not bother asking “are you okay?” because I do not have an answer for you. What I do have is Spotify history of the year where Hot Mulligan is very, very present, and truthfully I’m not mad about it. Well, they’re pro Milk, so maybe a little mad about it. God I hope someone gets that joke, otherwise I’m gonna look so stupid. Back to the point, I have been religiously listening to Hot Mulligan all year. I mean I will always love and be emotionally attached to this beautifully mastered genre of Pop Punk. They’re one of the few I think is making the 2010’s styles translate magically well into that of current. I also just think they’re funny. They make me laugh and feel warm and poetically sad. Of course I’ve been listening to them so much. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: Feal Like Crab, Drink Milk and Run, Featuring Mark Hoppus, and Dary. 


This is a little switch up to the previous two, but if you know me I am always listening to Scarlxrd. I tend to keep my playlists pretty organised, yet he is there in pretty much all of them. Scarlxrd is perfect for any mood at any time. Sad? Scarlxrd. Angery? Scarlxrd. Feeling your inner God complex? Scarlxrd. His discography is fairly large, so if you’re into this intense, trap, metal, rap, aggressive bass, there is bound to be something you vibe with. I love him. I love his music. He’s up there incredibly high on my top artists of all time and has been for ages. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: {Flex’}, Rxbxt Slut!, I WANT TX SEE YXU BLEED, Bible Black, and Gin Shxt. 


This is not the first time I’m talking about them and it sure as hell will not be the last. I think around this time last year I wrote this piece about artists you should be paying attention to in the scene with them as the forefront. So I guess I’m incredibly happy to say not only are they still some of my top played artists but also their incredible growth. I’m kind of emotional about it. Proud don’t begin to cover it. Mag Park have put out numerous tracks since then, and I’ve loved every single one. They are the epitome of what Pop Punk is in this modern wave, and everything that we needed to further progress. Constantly challenging the privileged white attitude/opinions (you know the ones ugh) that has always been plaguing the scene and doing it with some of the best music I’ve heard in forever. There really isn’t a question as to why I’m always listening to them. They’re too cool, too vibrant, too outstanding to not be. 

Notable favourite song recommendations: Don’t Be Racist, Outside, Kids Like Us, Liar, Serious, and Back Home. 


Again, a little bit of a switch up here, but if there is anything to know about me is that my music taste is truly everything in existence pretty much. With that being said, I, like many others, became obsessed with Aislinn’s music via TikTok, and really it’s been living rent free around my head for a while. Her voice is truly prettier than heaven knowns and I could honestly listen to her sing about anything. I can’t really explain what her music makes me feel but I know it’s something I want to never stop feeling. I don’t know guys, but there’s something about the gentle sea-breeze of my town, soft setting sun, open windows, and her music that makes me believe I am living the best human experience available. 

Notable favourite song recommendations:  poltergeist, Devil Boy, think about u, death wish, and Gwen. 


  • Dove Beach – Baby Queen
  • SELF-SABOTAGE – Waterparks 
  • Chaos Castle – Xavier Wulf 
  • Just Sign the Papers – Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties 
  • Blender – 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Clearest Blue – CHVRCHES
  • What I Would Give – Angelmaker 
  • Kiss – Lil Peep
  • Loser – Sueco
  • Two Week Notice – Leanna Firestone
  • life’s such a trip – Softheart 

Soak Me In Bleach (Or Well Alcohol Actually)

Hey, hey! 

As promised, a music related blog post, one that I have been trying to bring to you for over a year. In early 2021 or late 2020, I purchased tickets to go see some live music — however, as we’re very aware here in Australia, it’s only been the last maybe four to six months where live shows have been back in action and that gig was postponed not once, but twice. Now, there’s no ill will here or anything, I feel for the impacts the pandemic and lockdowns had on the music scene, but if anything it made the arrival of the set date more exciting. 

Usually I wait a couple of months or just under a year for the dates of shows to roll around. That’s for the bigger ones, not the local joints I like to hit up when I can. Maybe I should write something about those types of trips? But this time it was basically a year and half, which if I’m honest, built up enthusiasm for it and, in turn, the crowd was rowdy and insane. Put a bunch of Aussie metalheads in an 18+ alcohol filled gig for Aussie bands after that long of a wait and it makes sense the chaos that erupted. I loved every second of it, even the weird or negative parts, because now I get to tell this story to you. 


The main act, infamous The Amity Affliction, who are known for being very aquatic in tone. (No really, I can’t look at the ocean and not go “ah, like the amity songs”). They’re also known for being intense crowd wise, I’ve never heard of them not having at least one wall of death much like the multiple we had at second Sydney show, located at The Roundhouse. 

Although I initially brought tickets for the main act, I was just as excited for the openers Nerve Damage and Waax. Nerve Damage started it all off with an Acknowledgement to Country, which if you’re not Australian, is the acknowledgment for the indigenous peoples who’s land we’re on. I’m sad to say that it is the first time ever that’s ever happened at a concert, and I’ve been a frequent attendee since I was 13 years old. Their set was like the best taster for the night, loud, in your face, and overall politically charged. I am proud to say that I was centre barricade for this show, partly because I travelled out to the venue and always account for traffic issues and such, which left friends and myself there a tad early. However, it meant I had a fantastic view, and was blown away by each act. Especially by Nerve Damage.

Now, I love Waax. I’m not like a super/long term fan or anything (yet anyway) but I knew them, I liked them, and I was excited for them. My expectations? More than met, especially when the ever-so dashing vocalist grabbed my hand. Listen, I nearly shed a tear. The stage presence was lovely, and I am so happy to see women on stage. In fact I even managed to be handed – yes handed not snatched – a setlist. I’ve never managed a set list before. Guitar pics, drum sticks (I think? My memory sucks) even, yes, but never before a setlist. 

Okay, onto what you’re all here for, The Amity set. My loves, I don’t know how to tell you this, I think I just had one of the best show experiences of my life. There was fire! FUCKING FIRE! Honestly, I’m glad there was it turned up the temperature and being winter it was so cold that night. The energy was wild, like I said, all the built up time and restlessness made us all crazy. I lost my voice like three songs in, that’s how hard I was screaming. I think I nearly threw up from emotions, it was all so raw. Also there were mirrors? Fun house mirrors maybe? They lit up? I can’t recall exactly but it was cool. The setlist was top tier. Like you always have those conversations with people about songs you want an artist to play, what you hope or think would be cool to be heard, and that set was exactly that. I was a little sad when it was over. Part of me was exhausted and sore (more on that later), and the other part of me didn’t want it to end. I would pay for Amity to preform in my bedroom but they’d probably burn it down. 


I’ve told you how much I loved the acts, how good they were, but now for the fun part: the details! 

I mentioned centre barricade, which is a brilliant but cursed spot to have. It’s such a “stick it out as long as you can survive” position as you get an entire crowds worth of body weight pressing you into metal. Depending on the type of show of course, some aren’t that aggressive. There’s no shame in lasting one song or the whole act, but I’m excited to say I survived the whole thing without jumping out. Not without escaping some injuries. I am incredibly bruised and aching. One of my calves is black near the knee.

I had some brain cells to bandage up some body piercings before attending, and I’m so thankful for that sober-smart Taylorlani who did that because otherwise there would have been a hospital visit. I did lose an earring as it was jacked out and, to be fair, I don’t remember it happening which goes to show how much was happening at any given moment. It’s okay, I put a safety-pin in it for the time until I got home. God, the adrenaline. 

I did nearly have my medusa piercing torn out by a crowd surfers knee, but that’s okay because I did accidentally punch him in the groin trying to lift him up. I’m 5’2 guys, I’m the height of a 12 year old. I genuinely haven’t grown since that age. If you’re that guy, I’m so sorry, really I was trying to not get crushed. Speaking of crowd surfers though, one guy smelled like a metalhead stereotype, and another kicked me in the head. It’s okay, I’m okay, I’m sure they had the time of their lives. Especially the lad who stood on the crowd – yeah like on his legs – and then jumped directly on me. Iconic of them, I’m so weirdly happy I got that on camera too, otherwise I don’t know how to describe it. 

I was slammed into the barricade more times than I can count and believe me I know numbers, I can count to ten. Applaud me. It was so hype, it was so rewarding to be back at a live gig like that. But alas, there is always something that leans more negative on the night. 

A wonderful gal and lad were elbowing my side, my arm, my body all night really hard and more forceful than the crowd. At first I was like, c’mon you know? But during a quick break between songs they leaned over to apologise and say how they’re trying to stop this one large guy from groping me as he’d been trying all night. Now, I hate to say that this is something I’m used to but I am, and I knew someone had during Nerve Damage, but pushed it aside. I appreciate this couple so much. There’s this stereotype of how metalheads are terrible, big, and scary who will beat you up. But it’s a person thing, not a metalhead thing. Assholes aren’t dictated by genre. Yet, this is the type of attitude I do encounter a fair bit these days. This, like, protective community. Really, I’m so thankful for them, and I’m incredibly grateful that they even went out of their way to do so. 

Metal is full of this hand in hand, help each other out, mentality if you look deeper for it, and I’m proud to say I also live by it. I’m short, but there are plenty of girls who are shorter and smaller than me who attend. It’s not hard to help out when crowd surfers head directly for them. Not to say they’re weak, they’re at a crazy metal gig of course they’re not, but having a body thrown at you can be hell, and I do try my best to cover people when I can or it’s safe for me too.  

On a more higher note, there was insane pit action, there always is at Amity shows. There was multiple walls of death which even I at the barricade got the privilege to be crushed in. My friend got a guitar pic. We spent money on merch. I took a cup from the ground that was cool and sticky. I saw some limes floating in the air, on the floor. I got sprayed with beer and water, as well as spat on. I’m sorry to cleaners. 

It was the most fun I’ve had in ages. I don’t regret a single second of it. I chase the gig adrenaline more than anything in my whole life. It is pure erotica. I’ve been addicted since I was 13 and still wearing a scene mullet with fried bleached hair. I live for music, for live music, for the everything. I love writing about it, the whole thing. It’s more me than if I handed you a bone from a ribs. 

Wait for the Good Things 2022 blog post, since I am happy to announce I will be attending. God, I’m so (happily) broke. 

Movies That Left Core Memories So Bad That They’ve Replaced The Sad Ones

Hey, Hello, Hi, 

I want to simply brush over the fact that I haven’t written or posted anything since, I believe, February. There are many reasons, all of them dull and boring, but I think I’m back to possible frequent uploads. Thus, while a music piece is in the works, here is a list, in no particular order, of films that have left a lasting impact. 

I would be lying if I didn’t say this post wasn’t inspired by my lovely friend, Ty, who you should be reading from and posts way more than me too. Anyway, as they said, I’m no film degree nerd with any true stance to be able to comment like one, but alas I will. 

1. Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe 

2005, Director: Andrew Adamson

I feel like, for many of my generation, this one speaks for itself. However, while I loved fantasy films and novels like Eragon, C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia truly never left my head. Like ever. So much so that I freak out when I realise how old this movie and I are. You’re telling me it’s nearly been 20 years and I still think about this all the time? I remember as a kid I was so upset that the wolves were always displayed as evil in these films, which I still stand by fully, however that scene of them in the ice castle when Edmund betrays his family? Rent Free. 

2. Whiplash

2014, Director: Damien Chazelle

This film makes me sound like an obnoxious film guy at university who doesn’t really understand the complexities of it, but I like to believe I’m not like them. Miles Teller is a chef’s kiss, and considering the most recent release of Top Gun: Maverick, this is the perfect time to talk about the absolutely brilliant performance from him and his co-star J.K Simmons, who truly made me fear potential mentors/teachers. Now, I’ve heard people say this movie is boring, which I highly disagree with. Nonetheless, I understand it is the type of thing you need an attention span for to really grasp it.  

3. The Spectacular Now

2013, Director: James Ponsoldt

I am a Miles Teller girlie, through and through, since this movie and the Divergent adaptations. I believe I even forced my last partner to watch this movie with me, and couldn’t shut up during it. It is so much more than a silly love story, and to be fair one of my favourite aspects is the real depiction of mental health through a teenage boy. Yeah, Perks of Being a Wallflower is there and should be on this list in a way, but The Spectacular Now is so vastly different to it and just as important. Relationships don’t cure mental issues as much as we want them to. 

4. Coraline

2009, Director: Henry Selick

This is usually what I say when people ask what my favourite movie is and that still highly stands. I adore Coraline so much, and I’m the kind of friend who bullies you for a) not having seen it or b) were scared of it as a child. I never was, yes it’s a flex, and I even analysed it this past semester for a monster media class. 

5. Pride and Prejudice

2005, Director: Joe Wright

Oh, the love, the adoration, I have for this movie. It is truly just so magical, so outstandingly beautiful. The score, the cinematography, the casting – I mean Kiera Knightly was one thousand percent part of my sexual awakening. This film is a core memory, the essence, the atmosphere, all of it holds weight in my heart. 

6. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

2013, Director: Harald Zwart

Did I at the time hate this adaptation? Yes. Was I super hopeful for the show version but then dramatically betrayed, and even see myself as a victim of that show? Yes. Now, despite all that I still had it as a guilty pleasure film. Little Taylorlani would stay up late reading with it on in the background and would first try to dabble in realism portraiture trying to draw Jamie’s Jace. It was horrible, I was like 11. 

7. The Hunger Games

2012, Director: Gary Ross

Is there a running theme of 2000s novel adaptations on this list? Of course, I am nothing but a little book nerd. City of Bones is a guilty pleasure, but with The Hunger Games, there is not a single ounce of guilt. I could write essays upon essays about the book and the movie. I rewatch the whole series at least three times at minimum a year and own multiple copies of the books. I am convinced anyone who never liked it, or was team Gale, just never understood. 

8. The Crow

1994, Director: Alex Proyas

Ugh, this movie. I heard there might be a remake? I don’t want it and I don’t think anyone should. Brendon Lee’s depiction of Eric is unmatched, it is beautiful, and it is tragic the way his life ended from it. I was raised on this movie, my dad owns this doll-sized figurine of Eric and as a kid, I threw fits because he would not let me play with it. If you haven’t seen this at least once in your life, please do. 

9. Scream

1996, Director: Wes Craven

Okay, so this is not a surprise. This is deeply loved, and I am another one of those lovers. I arguably watched it way too young and was actually scared of Ghost Face when I was little, though that has done a complete switch up now. This movie was important to a loved one who passed away, which is a sad, but beautiful way of keeping their spirit alive. 

10. Love, Rosie

2014, Director: Christian Ditter

Lily Collins is another common feature on this list, and truly I do love her. This movie encapsulates the mundane, the normalities, and the complexities of human relationships, ageing, and love. It is rich and warm in emotion. Comfort movie, and living in my head. Oh, for that love.

11. X-Men: First Class

2011, Director: Matthew Vaughn

I am completely a comic girlie at heart, although I am not an MCU one to be fair. I don’t hate it, it’s really not that deep, I just view comic adaptations the same as book ones and a lot of them leave me disappointed. First Class though? Adore it. Yeah, Wolverine isn’t in it (besides that small cameo), but that’s kind of why I love it so much.  

12. Man of Steel

2013, Director: Zack Snyder

Again, comics, my heart, although yet again I am not really a DCEU girlie. The same reason as above, but I do read more DC comics. Man of Steel was one of the first comic films I fell in love with, outside of my Spider-man obsession. To be fair, I can’t tell you why besides the atmosphere, the depth, and the way it actually made me cry. Man of Steel set up something that sadly couldn’t be topped by the follow-ups for that era. In my opinion anyway.

13. Into the Spiderverse

2018, Directors: Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti, Rodney Rothman

I mentioned the Spider-man obsession, it’s intense. My father would tell you he hates Spider-man because of me, for every time I was around when I was young I would be binge-watching them. I saw Toby’s third movie in the cinema, yes it was 2007, and yes I was 5 years old. Now, as someone who is biracial, Into the Spiderverse and just Miles as a comic character, is something I am emotionally attached to. I will always feel more in tune with him than Peter, but I am typing this as I have a Peter Spider-man blanket on my bed. Yes, I am 20. 

14. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

2012, Director: Peter Jackson

I remember when I was in year seven we had to read The Hobbit, at that time I didn’t want to, not because I hated it but because I was deep in my YA fantasy/dystopia 2010’s era and my interests laid elsewhere. Because of this, I watched the film, however, it was at that moment I fell in love with the movie and also realised that the book was being broken into different parts and had to read it for class anyway. 

15. Fantastic Mr Fox

2009, Director: Wes Anderson

Finishing off this list with an animation masterpiece, though there are plenty of more movies I can mention. I wholeheartedly cherish this movie. It’s pretty, it’s coloured like my soul, and so comforting that many of the scenes are core memories. It just makes me happy, which is something I can say for everything on this list which is ultimately the most important thing to me. 

The Grief Of February

Hey, hey!

This year I wanted to start being a little bit more personal on here, like sharing life updates and just different aspects of myself that aren’t strictly “here’s a book!” or “hey look at this band!” 

February is a month that comes around every year, and every year it pulls me under a blanket of shade and shuddering breath. When I was younger I lost an incredibly important person to me very suddenly, it shook up my life and myself to the core. February was his birthday month, and so every time the calendars flip it’s a reminder of time. 

I could talk for days about how grief and death has affected my life as I grew, how it impacts my life years down the track but I don’t really want to. I feel like I live in this loop of life that snaps like a rubber band and I never really leave it behind. 

Thus, here I am to talk about my February so far and things I do to take care of myself. That’s an important part of this whole thing is remembering you’re alive and you need care. 


I try to be as social as I possibly can be – and manage – in February. I’m usually on a university break around this time just before it goes back for the year and I try my best to compact as much in person social interactions as I can in the weeks. 

It’s important when mourning to remember those around you who are still here, to not let moments slip between your fingers that you might regret if anything were to happen. I do try to not think of things “happening” to my loved ones but the paranoia is there for sure. This month I’ve traveled a lot, catching train after train to different parts of the South Coast of NSW to see friends. Later this month I’ll be travelling out of state for the first time since I was 17 and in high school to see family. 

Friends are also important in taking care of yourself because, as hard as it can be to accept, they’re there for you to lean on when you need it! Especially if they’re offering, it’s okay to need that. Some of my closest friends, Tyneesha, Alana, and Bonnie are truly the most talented and beautiful people I have ever met so I want to use this moment to shout them out.


I was gonna title this hobbies but I know that’s clique, so instead it’s love because just do things you love. For you not for anyone else! This can be a bit difficult because sometimes I can get wrapped up in the “they’ll never get to see me grow into this” thoughts which are heartbreaking at best. But this is why I say for you, do it for you. 

For myself I’ve written a bit, two blog posts, a book review that is up on my bookstagram, this post here counts because it’s healthy to talk about your feelings positively! I’ve been messing around with my poetry again and my novel which has sat there untouched for a shamefully long time.

I’ve been making art separate from writing. Filling up my sketch book like it’s a dairy (it is) and messing around with all different unfinished pieces on my iPad. Art isn’t therapeutic for me to be fair, it’s stressful and time consuming and half the time I can’t work out why the hell this nose bump isn’t translating correctly. But it’s fantastic to channel feelings into, taking it all from within and throwing it up.

I’ve been reading, though slower to last month, and just taking my time with things. I’ve started posting TikTok’s! This is because I’m just trying to, romanticise if you will, my life and the aspect of being alive. I like appreciating existence, and taking the time to film little things has helped me mentally get back into this idea of actually living.


I won’t ever recommend just ignoring your grief, pushing it back or trying to forget. I find it does more harm than any kind of good and, personally, I like to know I still have the ability to feel those things and bring his memory alive. Taking time, taking things slowly or whatever pace is best for you and still having those moments to breathe. I fear the forgetting that comes naturally with time, so this is a really big part of February for me. 

I became obsessed with the moon and the stars because of him all those years ago, which is something really cute when you think of how I practice witchcraft and study those things now. I usually will find time to sit with them and remember, I find this an important part of this month. It’s recognising another year gone and it’s sitting with it. The weight, the tears, the love, the shaking laughter as I recall all our memories and how I live parts of my life with their influence daily. 

Grief is an ugly, unforgivable thing that you never really lose. When I was younger I hated that but now I welcome it, I welcome knowing his story will live through me and I feel these things because he lived. It takes time to get here, it takes time to get through the month of February annually but I’m okay with that.

Pleased To Meet You, Stranger, Welcome To The Ending – Music I Loved In January

Hey, hey!!

I hope you hadn’t thought I was skipping the music content this year because no way was that going to happen. I’ve had a really nice Christmas and January break and there was no shortage of music around for me. So here is my incomplete – because I can’t put it all here obviously you’ll be here forever – list of music I loved in January.


The thing about being Australian is that I’m always on the hunt for music I like in this country to build up a catalog of it. It just makes me sad how central to the US and UK everything is music wise.

So back to the point! Between You & Me is a pop-punk style band from Melbourne here in Australia. They’re vibrant and charismatic with a rich blend of pop-punk essence and something so purely Aussie. Their music has this influential charm to it that you get obsessed with, gleaming something golden.

Ever since their last record, Armageddon, released at the end of 2021 I’ve had them on a repeating cycle playing around my life. Again, I’ve been on uni break and Between You & Me probably take the cake for the most played artist during this time.


Changing up the pace for this artist, Softheart is indescribable to me. I feel weird strictly saying “rapper” whether or not that’s fronted with terms of identification such as “emo” or “Soundcloud”. Softheart is an artist, he just makes phenomenal art. Really, I could sit here and describe the melodic delicacy of tracks like “110’” but it wouldn’t even relate to the raw chaotic depth of something like “manic”. 

Beautifully complicated in its entirety, and I always find a feeling, a time or a moment where Softheart’s artistry is included in my daily soundtrack.


I don’t think I need to explain this one at all. Though maybe some of you want me to justify why Swift is here in some weird anti-pop mainstream feminine culture misogyny type of way. I get that a lot when I mentioned she’s usually a top played artist for me, paired with the “I thought you liked real music” bullshit that leaves peoples mouths. 

Music is art, life is art, I don’t plan to ever live my life being exclusive of forms of creativity by some shitty boxes in identity structured by society. I don’t care what genre it is, what you fall into. Make art, express yourself and just enjoy these aspects of the world around you for once.


I love 5sos, really with my whole heart I do. I have been one of those insanely younger dedicated Aussie fans since those boys were literal children. It surprises me sometimes how old I am, how much we’ve aged since they started making music and I found it through the holes of the internet.

I love it though, how I in my twenties still on the regular pick up a 5sos record and play it when the first time I did so I was barely a teenager. They’re on this list because I love them, they’re on this list because they’re music grew with me and is aligned with many different eras of myself. CALM is quite perfectly one of the best records I’ve ever heard which is a bold statement sure but I mean it.


Recently signed to Epitaph Records, Poptropicaslutz! are a duo who really have just created something special. I hate being closed off to the walls of a genre and I adore artists who tear it down with hammers. But this does leave me here like “how the hell am I supposed to put this into words?!” Really, I can’t so you’re gonna have to take my word for it that they’re truly magic. If I had to really pinpoint some type of idea I could only mumble something like punky-hyper-pop-hip-hop. Which um, yeah, just take my word and listen to them cause that doesn’t even explain it. 

Their discography isn’t large but it’s impressive, energetic and exhilarating. There is no doubt in my mind that this is pure artistry and it’s going to go far. I had everything on a nice little rotation of repeat in January and still now in February. I am, for lack of a better word, obsessed in the best way.


And here, to finish off this post are some songs on their own which I’ve had on repeat.

  • Bible Black – Scarlxrd 
  • If You Say So – The Dead Love 
  • Kids Like Us – Magnolia Park
  • The Medic – Foxing 
  • This Must Be My Exit – Oso Oso 

January was inherently fantastic for me musically, and so far February has been just as great that I’m so restlessly excited for what this year with offer or bring me!


Hey, hey!

Last year I read around 71 books and it was a real achievement for myself. I fell out of love with reading in late high school, not for any reason, and I only started to get that back in the pandemic but it was only a book here or there amidst the lockdowns.

2021 changed that, around mid year I decided on the goal of 70 and beat it. And this year I have a larger one of hopefully meeting 80. Which is, quite frankly, exciting!

In January I read around 10 books, though a lot of these were rereads for various different reasons.

We started off the year with ‘All Rhodes Lead Here’ by Mariana Zapata, this was a reread simply because I kept seeing excerpts from it that tugged a little bit at me. It was a great second experience, in fact I think it started off the year nicely to have something easy to fly through.

‘Second First Impressions’ by Sally Thorn took me by surprise. Thorn, the author of the recent book to film adaptation ‘The Haring Game’, has never really been it for me personally. ‘The Hating Game’ was fun, it was enjoyable and I liked it. ‘99 Percent Mine’ on the other hand was one of my lowest rated books of 2021. ‘Second First Impressions’ was a complete rotation, I didn’t just like it, I didn’t hate it even, in fact I adored it. Maybe it was more relatable, character wise, or maybe I just like how Thorn’s writing has grown, but it was everything I didn’t know I wanted.

By now most people have read the brown sisters trilogy by Talia Hibbert, but I never jumped on that train at the time. I am usually late to the party on trends. ‘Get A Life Chloe Brown’ was fun, I found myself liking it the further I went. I think part of the reason I stood off from reading it was the expectations set by everyone else, and while I really liked it I didn’t become obsessed. That’s okay though, that doesn’t dismiss everyone who is, I think it was lovely and enjoyed it all the same.

I have been going through some stuff recently, and a large part of that has to do with my identity. So, as one does, I picked up my childhood escapism, my favourite books of all time, though their not even remotely fantastic pieces of writing. Maggie Stiefvater’s ‘Shiver Trilogy’ isn’t by any means literary greatness or really great at all to be fair, but in my heart, the heart of my inner child, all three books are perfect. I followed this up with the companion novella ‘Sinner’ of course. If you’re wondering if returning to this deep comfort aided anything, it did.

Again a reread, but this time it was Emily Henry’s ‘Beach Read.’ This book was a stand out for me in 2021, I really, really loved it. Though I find that I relate more to Gus than January, it still is riddled with pure understanding of the human experience around grief and mourning, not just that brought from death either. My main reason for this reread was how deeply I wanted to annotate it.

From this I went into ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’ by Erin A. Craig. I went into this knowing nothing really about it other than ‘dead sibling mystery type beat’ and I was nicely surprised. I will say it started off stronger than it left off, and the middle got a bit drawn out which left the ending feeling quite fast paced. Still I really enjoyed it, and the world building of this sea side gothic setting.

Now if I thought Emily Henry’s ‘Beach Read’ took the themes of grief and did it justice I wasn’t ready for her ‘A Million Junes’. This one was written before the infamous ‘Beach Read’ and later novels and was YA so I was unsure what to expect. That being said I found my new favourite out of all her works I’ve read. Damn, wow, I am speechless. I think I have a picture of my tear stained pillows from when I finished this somewhere. As someone who mourns and lives with the weight of loss and death everyday I particularly find myself drawn to books who understand it and boy did this stand out. Not only that, diving into it through these ideas of generational trauma, expectations through fanatical afterlife magic and ghosts. I can’t wait to see if this will be in my favourites of the year.

There’s some books here which I have started or been slowly pacing through I want to mention here too. Firstly, as it is too a comfort book Awsten Knight’s ‘You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You): A Collection Of Personal Stories And Advice’. As you can tell from the title this is a non-fiction and is broken into sections around Q&A’s or personal stories. This makes it easy to have as a continuous novel to pick up when you want to without getting lost. I have read it before – a few times – and this is my second time around annotating. I fear one day every line is going to be coloured pink. Secondly, I’ve been moving through ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara very pacedly. Content wise it’s very drastically heavy and a little too relatable for aspects of my life at times that it’s only something I pick up if I really feel like it and I don’t think I’d ever really recommend it. Lastly, I’ve started Taylor Jenkkins Reid’s ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ after having it on my TBR for, well for like ever. Again, I’m late to the party.

I think for the first month of the year I’ve started off on a pretty solid run towards that 80 books of 2022 but I’m curious if I can keep this momentum up.

I’ve Been Much Better But At Least I’m Healing – Song’s To Listen To When Alone At Night

One of my favourite things about Pop Punk is the way it made me feel, especially when I was younger and would spend hours on Tumblr. It is simply one of my favourite genres to listen to when I’m sad alone at night. And I have been doing so for years at this point which is why I think I’m ready to share a collection of songs that are perfect for those moments. Not everything here is Pop Punk to be fair, but a fair amount is, not that you need to apply genre’s to everything. I’ve said it before but never box yourself in with that.

This isn’t a complete list or anything, there are tons of songs, of albums, of playlists that could be here. But for now here’s 12.

How To Never Stop Being Sad – Dandelion Hands

Would you call this Pop Punk? Some say yes, some say no, some would probably suggest it being more Midwest, either way I’m 100% including it. The thing about Dandelion Hands is that their music is the opposite of a hug, if that makes sense. It tends to leave me senseless in a way that I can’t stop staring at the ceiling and playing over my own mundane actions of life. It’s not comforting, but you don’t want it to be, not really. It’s a moment of “oh”. It is simply something you need to experience at least once. 

The Night I Drove Alone – Citizen

This right here is a classic Sad Boi anthem and if you’re into this style of music it is probably no surprise that it is here. Have I sobbed to Citizen multiple times? Absolutely. Is it usually at night in some of my darkest moments? Correct, yeah. Do I think you should give it a listen in those times for you? Yes, yes I do. Citizen nail this thing about gripping vocals that make me feel as if I’m screaming from the heart.

High Definition – Waterparks

This might be my favourite song on this list, mostly because it is one of my favourite songs of all time. I will take no slander for it at all. I don’t think I can even describe what it is about this song. All I know is I relate to it too much sometimes, and perhaps you will too. Especially if you struggle with ideas of love. Awsten sometimes says this is the best song he’s ever written and I hope you take a moment to listen to it.

Bummer Summer – Charmer

Oh, I cannot even translate how dearly I love this classic midwest-y tune. It is just something you need to experience. It, like most of this style of music, reminds me so much of fall and broken promises. It leaves me feeling a little less empty, but a little more sighing in sadness.

July (Part One) – Hotel Books

Only listen to Hotel Books if you really want to be broken. Or, maybe, you already are broken and just need reminding of it. If you need something to scream about, something to violently sob for a second if you really relate to the context of this. I’m sorry if you do, but please take this as my offering to you.

Whole – Basement

Just – just listen to it. In fact just listen to Basement. I’m losing my words here.

Losing Days – Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan is one of those bands that I listen to when I’m sad, happy or ready to think about my existence. I really thank them for that ability, and the fact that their Twitter really radiates some kind of energy that makes their music more enjoyable than it already is. Losing Days is only one of many songs I recommend listening to late at night in your room.

I Usually Call This One “Dying” – Gloom

Ah this, this doesn’t necessarily sound sad, not really. But it’s a nice breather between the others I have mentioned. I don’t really know a lot of people who listen to Gloom, but I will suggest it. This is a song that’s a vibe, reminds me of when my fairy lights flicker as I cry a little.

It’s Too Much – Moose Blood

Okay, I know people either love or hate Moose Blood and this genre has a ton of issues from bands. But this song, hell any of their songs? So good and I hate it. Moose Blood had music I loved early on in my exploration of Pop Punk and I cry often to them. It is just, I really can’t explain it, so beautifully sad. 

Sixteen – Real Friends

Oh, Oh Real Friends. I treasure them with my entire heart. They are the perfect sad band for me. I love everything they’ve done, even if it leaves me upset clinging to a pillow remembering my pain that never really leaves. This song is one that if you take anything away from this post at all, is that you should listen to it.

The Grey – Movements

Like Real Friends, Movements is that band that can fill a song with a broken heart, trauma and loneliness in a way I am obsessed with. Their Feel Something album is quite loved for this reason, and yes this song comes from there. Movements are like a blanket to me, they weigh me down but comfort me at once. I love them so much.

Well Adjusted – Summer Wars

There’s something about being an anxious person to the core and cold, rainy weather that Well Adjusted pulls out of me. I don’t just listen to this at night, but it hurts me a little more when it is. I am not well adjusted, I like to think I will be one day, and everyday I get up and attempt to be so. However, in those times where I am down so many levels this song is like taking a hammer to me feelings.

I recommend listening to these tunes. Really, each song here makes me feel things when it’s 3am, I’m staring at the ceiling, and I have a Uni class in a few hours. I cry to music a lot, and sometimes it makes no sense when I do. Like why do I cry to Future? That – that one makes no goddamn sense at all. However, these song’s right here are perfectly crafted for these moments of loneliness.

You can find each of the song’s mentioned here in this playlist of mine that includes the artists and music I talk about for University.

The Words’ll Never Come Out Right – Pop Punk Artist’s You Should Be Paying Attention To

In recent time’s Pop Punk has come again into the light of mainstream attention as it did when bands like Yellowcard, Blink-182, Good Charlotte, and All American Rejects were played constantly on the radio or the soundtracks of movies. History repeats itself constantly, so really it should be no surprise that it has once again caught on – at least for the moment.

I have no issue with this. Like I said it’s not the first time and really it’s a way for kids to discover things. Not to mention some of what has arisen from the current spotlight has been pretty decent. That being said, the mainstream lane right now is not at all what is happening within the genre. The only way I can describe it is that no matter how many different eras/styles there are to choose from – neon, skate, sad boi, etc – they only ever go for the same thing. Nostalgia, let’s revise the sound of what mainstream Pop Punk used to be. It’s always the same thing with a new face and a hint of contemporary to make it “now”. And to be honest I get it. It’s smart, who doesn’t fall for nostalgia? But really that whole lane is completely separate to the current state of the genre. The way popular culture picks things up is not to be a part of what the current wave is doing, from what is actually happening.

For a while Pop Punk from the 2010’s hit a rut, even me who adores this genre won’t hesitate to say so. It becomes, like most genres do, over-saturated with copies and personations. So with that being said, nothing within the genre really was interesting for a while.

At least, I think so, until now.

The new wave that has been appearing for a moment has been encpatualising. It has not completely moved from the ‘Sad Boi’ tumblr style, but it is totally switched up. I think after that massive hit of Emo Rap we had, bands have started to adapt to this way of not sticking to one thing anymore. In my opinion it’s great, amazing even. Especially when everyone has different ways of incorporating multiple things. Not to mention the features! The 2010’s era was full of features from other artists, bands, from the genre and it was great for sure. But now? I don’t think I’ve encountered as many slight rap crossovers as this new wave has been bringing. And no, I’m not talking about MGk’s album, I mean the artists who are separate from the spotlight.

Part of the reason why I wanted to write this was to share some really great artists who are being overshadowed by mainstream popular culture though. Of course someone within that is going to be a more prominent result when searching new wave Pop Punk than a band with a single EP.


If I’m being completely frank right now, this isn’t a long list. This is partly because I have hardly been engaging with the Pop Punk scene for a while, just glimpses here and there. Not because I don’t love it, not because I hate it, but simply because I enjoy so many different types of music that it just hasn’t been my main focus right now. That’s okay though, and it leaves room for me to make an updated list in the future, but for now here are a few artists you should be paying attention to.

Magnolia Park

I discovered Magnolia Park from tiktok of all places. I was just aimlessly scrolling, as we all don’t lie, when a snipped for one of their songs and the band came up. Paired with ‘can we be your new favourite Pop Punk band?” text I stopped to pay attention. It was great marketing, I’m not gonna lie. Hell, these kids didn’t even have a single EP when I found them, yet I was actually interested.

They sounded like a mix of classic upbeat Pop Punk with this newer level of production and mixing that would have been labeled as ‘fake auto-tune bullshit’ from those types of fans. To be honest, this whole new era probably is labeled just like that to them. 

I would also like to point out that Pop Punk for the longest time, and taking a look at the mainstream counterpart right now, is very white. Really, most of who you’ll encounter are just pretty white boy’s, and while that was kind of the ‘midwest, angry, white guy’ frontman was a thing for a while, it’s kind of fucked. Magnolia Park features more than one, and not ‘just thrown in there’, POC unlike most in the genre. Actually, it was part of the reason they caught my eye.

Magnolia Park is a five piece pop punk/alternative rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band blends elements of hip hop, pop punk and Emo rock to create a captivating sound and haunting aesthetic. Their music is produced by legendary alternative rock/pop punk producer Andrew Wade of The Audio Compound, who has worked with bands like A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War, Real Friends, and more.


As smaller artists they’ve done quite a bit of collabs and brought people to feature on tracks. This is a really smart thing. For example, ‘TDH2S’ from their ‘Dream Eater’ EP feature’s Oliver Baxxter, the vocalist for Broadside. While Broadside isn’t a name like The Story So Far or Neck Deep, their existing presence within Pop Punk is there. Along with that, ‘Back on My Bullshit’ which was a popular single before the release of the EP, features iamjakehill. Both of these and others, especially with the appearance of popular emo boy Kellin Quinn, have enabled the band to engage with multiple different audiences before even an album.

To me, Magnolia Park really encaptualates what modern Pop Punk is and needs to be. It’s so interesting and different from where we just were in the genre, and I honestly just adore them. I can’t recomend them enough.

Point North

I think Point North has been around for a little bit, and to be honest I still don’t really hear many talk about them. It could be due to the fact that they’ve always had this new wave style to some extent a part of their music, and like I said before, people don’t ‘like that’. I first heard Point North because of Spotify – thank you Spotify so much – all from their cover of Nothing, Nowhere’s ‘Hammer’. It’s nothing like the original, it’s fast and loud and high energy. Honestly, I would describe most of their music like that. I love Nothing, Nowhere but that cover tops the original by far.

Point North have two albums, ‘A Light in a Dark Place’ (2018), and ‘Brand New Vision’ (2020). Both of these, to me, really express the type of stylistic choice Pop Punk is having currently. Their 2021 singles, especially ‘Nice Now’, are bright, loud and evocative, something that has always stood out to me with them.

Though most of their stuff goes back to 2018, a moment when the 2010’s had kind of a stand still in defined sound, I think they’re gonna thrive with where this genre is headed. You can already feel it with the release of their second album mid 2020, and now with a new single every few months. They’re picking up this fire momentum, something I think will get them far. Like Magnolia Park, Point North has had a feature from the infamous Kellin Quinn, who from the looks of things really enjoys getting involved with smaller artists.

Meet Me @ The Altar

As I mentioned above, Pop Punk always had a white dominating scene, and along with that male. I know you’re probably sitting there like ‘but hey Paramore!’ and you’re right, sure. However, the amount of discourse over Paramore being simply just a Pop band was everywhere in the 2000’s and 2010’s. It really wasn’t about the music, it was just about the fact Hayley Williams is female. Not to mention, Tonight Alive and Against The Current are both female fronted bands that never got anything as much as others based simply on gender. There’s this stereotype of ‘Misogynistic Pop Punk’, lyrically and community wise, and for the longest time it completely was.

I say all this because one of the incredible driving factors of this new wave is the diversity in race and gender. And Meet Me @ The Altar is making impacts in changing how the scene has been for the better.

Once again I did find their music through TikTok, which is proving to be a solid platform for music artists. Honestly, I didn’t come across them themselves, I saw many different people talking about them instead. The thing with this genre is that it is incredibly closed off, or used to be, and so many fans still want that for it. Which is why when you hear a lot of people talking about the same artist, especially newer, they’re usually really good. And boy, are Meet Me @ The Altar is.

An exhilarating blast of sticky-sweet vocals, fluttery electric riffs, and a dangerously catchy chorus (“Your flowers will finally grow!”), it’s all but guaranteed to have you longing for the days of black eyeliner and studded belts.


Meet Me @ The Altar is really moving this genre forward at such a fast pace, and I do wholeheartedly put a lot of the new transitions that are happening to them. Their song ‘Hit Like A Girl’ is completely an anthem for me. It’s something I wish younger me could sing along to rather than ‘Do you look yourself, straight in the eyes and think about who you let between your thighs?’. It’s been time for change for a while, and it’s here finally. If you should pay attention to anyone on this list, if anyone I have mentioned is going to make massive headways, it is them and you should really, really check them out.

Honourable Mention – Lil Lotus

Okay, I know this might get me disliked by some people. Which is fine, I don’t really care if you’re gonna disagree about this.

I mentioned before how the Emo Rap movement that we had in the 2010’s really aided in some newer influence, to bring things together in production and out stepping genre boxes. However, that goes both ways. There are so many artists within that scene, or even those who’ve transitioned from musician to producer, who came from Pop Punk influence. You’ll be surprised with how many Sad Boi Pop Punk era songs have been sampled. Even Lil Peep songs, if you want me to go there.

The point? Influence isn’t a one way street, and while Lil Lotus is commonly more associated with emo rap, he isn’t remotely a simply artist like that. His latest album, ‘Errør Bøy’, is honestly more fitting with bands like Magnolia Park than rap – while still so distinctively being both. Actually, Lil Lotus is touring with Magnolia Park as an open for him, so there you go. That sounded aggressive, but I guess I’m tired of the genre box. ‘Romantic Disaster’ off the album actually features Chrissy Costanza, from Against The Current if you remember them from what I said before.

Change is on it’s way, it’s been meaning to happen, and I really think now is the time to stop thinking you can only listen to one thing to really be a fan. Lil Lotus isn’t just a Rap type artist, he isn’t so simply placed like that. I think if you’re really into keeping up with the way the scene is growing, you need to acknowledge that genres can influence each other. That artists are going to influence each other, and that’s a great thing, not something to hate on.