Pleased To Meet You, Stranger, Welcome To The Ending – Music I Loved In January

Hey, hey!!

I hope you hadn’t thought I was skipping the music content this year because no way was that going to happen. I’ve had a really nice Christmas and January break and there was no shortage of music around for me. So here is my incomplete – because I can’t put it all here obviously you’ll be here forever – list of music I loved in January.


The thing about being Australian is that I’m always on the hunt for music I like in this country to build up a catalog of it. It just makes me sad how central to the US and UK everything is music wise.

So back to the point! Between You & Me is a pop-punk style band from Melbourne here in Australia. They’re vibrant and charismatic with a rich blend of pop-punk essence and something so purely Aussie. Their music has this influential charm to it that you get obsessed with, gleaming something golden.

Ever since their last record, Armageddon, released at the end of 2021 I’ve had them on a repeating cycle playing around my life. Again, I’ve been on uni break and Between You & Me probably take the cake for the most played artist during this time.


Changing up the pace for this artist, Softheart is indescribable to me. I feel weird strictly saying “rapper” whether or not that’s fronted with terms of identification such as “emo” or “Soundcloud”. Softheart is an artist, he just makes phenomenal art. Really, I could sit here and describe the melodic delicacy of tracks like “110’” but it wouldn’t even relate to the raw chaotic depth of something like “manic”. 

Beautifully complicated in its entirety, and I always find a feeling, a time or a moment where Softheart’s artistry is included in my daily soundtrack.


I don’t think I need to explain this one at all. Though maybe some of you want me to justify why Swift is here in some weird anti-pop mainstream feminine culture misogyny type of way. I get that a lot when I mentioned she’s usually a top played artist for me, paired with the “I thought you liked real music” bullshit that leaves peoples mouths. 

Music is art, life is art, I don’t plan to ever live my life being exclusive of forms of creativity by some shitty boxes in identity structured by society. I don’t care what genre it is, what you fall into. Make art, express yourself and just enjoy these aspects of the world around you for once.


I love 5sos, really with my whole heart I do. I have been one of those insanely younger dedicated Aussie fans since those boys were literal children. It surprises me sometimes how old I am, how much we’ve aged since they started making music and I found it through the holes of the internet.

I love it though, how I in my twenties still on the regular pick up a 5sos record and play it when the first time I did so I was barely a teenager. They’re on this list because I love them, they’re on this list because they’re music grew with me and is aligned with many different eras of myself. CALM is quite perfectly one of the best records I’ve ever heard which is a bold statement sure but I mean it.


Recently signed to Epitaph Records, Poptropicaslutz! are a duo who really have just created something special. I hate being closed off to the walls of a genre and I adore artists who tear it down with hammers. But this does leave me here like “how the hell am I supposed to put this into words?!” Really, I can’t so you’re gonna have to take my word for it that they’re truly magic. If I had to really pinpoint some type of idea I could only mumble something like punky-hyper-pop-hip-hop. Which um, yeah, just take my word and listen to them cause that doesn’t even explain it. 

Their discography isn’t large but it’s impressive, energetic and exhilarating. There is no doubt in my mind that this is pure artistry and it’s going to go far. I had everything on a nice little rotation of repeat in January and still now in February. I am, for lack of a better word, obsessed in the best way.


And here, to finish off this post are some songs on their own which I’ve had on repeat.

  • Bible Black – Scarlxrd 
  • If You Say So – The Dead Love 
  • Kids Like Us – Magnolia Park
  • The Medic – Foxing 
  • This Must Be My Exit – Oso Oso 

January was inherently fantastic for me musically, and so far February has been just as great that I’m so restlessly excited for what this year with offer or bring me!


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