Simply Taylorlani Goes Musical, Another Pitch

Previously, I have mentioned how for this semester how Simply Taylorlani will be taking a musical approach to the Digital Artifact. I have been able to map this out and narrow down these ideas further as you can see down below. Music as a whole is a very large and broadly open niche and because of that I have simplified it down to two prominent subcultures. 


For this project I am planning on observing and writing about music that is a part of both the pop punk/emo and metal subcultures, genre and communities that exist online. For example, social platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram along with their algorithms create very large communities of people with similar interests. This then leads to content creation and, for platforms like Tik Tok where audio and music is such a major aspect of the app, aids in the culture, aesthetics and persona attached to music.

I will be creating content based on these music genres and their personal cultures that are tied and produced along with the music. I will be using my content based Instagram, Simply Taylorlani, along with this Blog, as a means to share and engage with these ideas. The plan is to produce writing content such as reviews, rankings, and opinion pieces around these subcultures. I also intend to be active on Instagram to share my favourites from things from these communities and already have some highlights dedicated to this Digital Artifact.

Map for the Da


Along with this, I have also previously mapped out the different aspects and networks to my Digital Artifact which I have shown before but will share again here.

chart / calendar


I am interested in this DA because of my own personal connections to both these subcultures and genres. However, I do think that enables me to have a leg up in understanding as I already have a pre-existing persona tied to this niche. But, that of course does not mean I do not have research questions.

What makes a good album?

What seperates a band/artist from the genre as a whole?

What determines the best album?

Why are aestheitcs so important?

With this DA comes risks of being unethical, especially when considering how important someone’s identity and person is to a person, even one that is heavily connected to this genre of music. Even those who create the music, they put a lot of themselves out there into artistry and this DA in no way will be used to discredit or tear down bands, artists, producers, audiences and communities. This Digital Artifact is about music and culture. 


  1. Hi Taylor!
    I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with your blog aesthetic and your Instagram feed!
    The idea is incredibly cute and inclusive, I’m so excited to see how this DA’s comes to light.
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post and watching your videos (this pink is so cUTE and the butterfly omg). I think this style fits you so much, BOOM another follower (iTS ME).
    You’ve excelled in the ways in which you describe your DA and media niche, you’ve written the blog in your own words and captured my attention with the idea. Aside from some technical problems (I was unable to see the Instagram posts 😦 ) The only thing I can think of that may be improved, if you wish to do so, is to relate your ideas to some of the subject readings and lectures from the 241 class.
    One of the readings from week 3 if I’m not mistaken, is by
    Geertz, Clifford (1973) ‘Thick description- Toward an interpretive theory of culture,’ in The Interpretation of Cultures, Basic Books New York.
    I think this paper would be great in relation to your research as it touches on the importance of culture and how it is relevant to ethnography and the media. It also speaks about the importance of context which you’ve mentioned as a possible ethical concern in your DA.
    Overall the pitch is absolutely amazing 10 out of 10 I love your writing and speaking style it made me feel like I was talking to a friend and I felt very comfortable. Thank you for your time and effort I hope your research goes well!
    Happy writings!


  2. Hi Taylorlani,

    I love the concept of your DA, it sounds super interesting! The field site and network map of your DA is great for viewers to see what you have planned for your project. The calendar you made also highlights indicates that you have planned out your project and you have set goals which is amazing! While you have included some inspiration from social media of examples of what your content will include, there isn’t any inclusion of academic sources or references to subject materials which would be useful for your project. Perhaps you could relate your DA to the concept of persona using this source:

    Since you have described the ethical considerations of identity, this source would be helpful to your project as you can discuss the public self, mediatised, performative, collective and value dimensions of persona. So maybe you could use this source and relate it to the way you present your own identity in relation to the music industry within your DA. In addition, I like how you have already generated feedback from your users through Instagram polls. This shows that you will most likely create feedback loops throughout the whole process which is great! I’m keen to see your project grow.

    Good luck!


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