“Now I’m Caught In The Moment” – Simply Taylorlani Is Progressing

Hey, hey!

I would like to welcome you back to one of my Digital Artefacts for this semester, and if you’re new here you can read the Pitch for this project here

In regards to Pitch feedback, it was mainly positive. I received comments on my aesthetic, instagram feed, and my personal tone. This was very helpful in furthering the process of creating content and being sure of my online persona. One of the things stated to be improved on was my academic sources to further my points which I have spent some time to improve. 

weekly song and album examples

I looked at a number of sources on the rise of genre blending and the breaking of genre boxes. This was helpful in regards to my writing as the new wave artists I have featured are very much pro breaking down those walls. 

I have been sharing written pieces here on my blog, along with content on my Instagram @simplytaylorlani centred around weekly songs and albums. Along with this I have created a playlist where I showcase artists mentioned in my work. These things have had positives and negative contributions to this project. Such as narrowing now what type of writing gets engagement and which doesn’t from mistakes and lessons, what times get the most views, techniques on which style of tweets gets my work noticed by musicians I feature.

screenshot from a class

For a further breakdown of this project over the weeks please check out this video. It goes further in depth with everything mentioned above. 


  1. Hey Tay ❤
    First off, I love your title. Very on brand. The little clips of music you put in your beta video were really engaging, we know I can’t focus so it really helped. You described the history of your project really clearly, and your use of links to add value and documentation in the blog post was really well done. I feel like you told us everything we needed to know in a really straightforward way. You made an interesting point talking about ethics there – which is something that I need to think more closely about for my own DA. I hadn’t thought about being ethical through my DA, only in documenting it. I think that your DA lends itself really well to a discussion about post-modernism in music, specifically where you talk about genre bleed. I found this article – might be helpful if you wanted to look at that idea xxx
    Love this, Love you, God Bless.


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