Simply Taylorlani The Musical – The Final


Contextual Report, BCM206, Future Networks

Author – Taylor Housman, 2021


This semester, a collaboration between this blog and my content based Instagram, Simply Taylorlani (ST), worked to develop and create a Digital Artifact project. This project as a whole was to produce written content centred and exploring a particular interest. This niche was decided by a poll on ST’s stories, choosing between books or music. Music won with 86% to 14% difference, much to my excitement. 

Before the commencing of this DA, written blog posts, Instagram and Twitter were something I utilised to engage with and contribute to music. Written content is where this started, which eventually branched to Instagram stories and posts.The idea that music scenes are more than a hobby, but a lifestyle, especially one’s like Pop Punk and Emo, is a large concept I work within separate from University. It is work and something I’m focused on furthering career wise. Which is why this was a perfect opportunity to attach a University DA to. 

There are many people who have been an inspiration to my writing over the years, but someone who is working within a similar realm to what I’m trying to do is Yasmine Summan, a media writer from the music scene. 


The process of this project was, as I have mentioned in progress posts, not too difficult for me. This, I believe, is strongly because I chose a niche/subject to centre this DA around that I am strongly invested in in my outside life. That being said, there were certainly ups and downs and growth. 

The first piece I wrote was an album ranking, and while I’m not disappointed in what I produced there was little to no engagement. At this point I was not creating Instagram posts for the blogs either. I wasn’t exactly digesting readings or analytical content around this time either, and largely diving into my personal experiences. 

The second post is where this project started to take off. I wrote a piece shouting out artists and bands within the Pop Punk scene, ones that were not a part of “celebrity circles” benefiting off the bands that kept a genre alive for over a decade when it faded out of the mainstream spotlight. There is an immense amount of creatives who are doing more for the scene than those celebrities and I felt it was important to highlight them. After sharing the post on Twitter, a band which I featured took notice, retweeted, and liked it while the vocalist of the same band did the same, followed me, and quote-tweeted it “This!!!”. They later followed me on my other platforms.

From this, artist recognition was something that became a regular, which was a very shocking result of this project. I am incredibly appreciative of it too, and the few connections I have thus created. Around this time I started sharing weekly songs and albums on Instagram stories, and created a playlist to keep them in one spot. I got some engagement from audiences separate from University peers as bands/artists would retweet. This led me to making tweeting at those within the scene a thing, and from this new followers etc arrived. 

Timeline Version One
Timeline Version Two
Stories & Weekly Song’s/Album’s Example

I started to regularly partake in readings and research. A full reference list will be at the end, but some notable quotes and points are:

I continued on with this streak, writing blog posts, tweeting, stories, Instagram posts. It was fun, and allowed me to explore further in depth the styles of writing I prefer, which gain tracking and such. The other aspects of this project were my graphic design changes, making my blog and ST more professional, and maintaining industry relationships. 

I managed to feature on a friends podcast during this experience, where I do briefly touch on how I got into music. I received a lot of nice feedback as well, which was really comforting and motivating. I spent a lot of time trying to make lecture and framework connections to this project, and some feedback was very insightful in assigning Postmodernism framework and ideas to it. I go deeper into this here. 

Over the course of this DA I have learnt how to properly engage within the subculture and media sphere that I desire to work within. I have accomplished more than what I ever thought I could have, and found a larger passion for it while developing it to fit a work identity. Adapting this further to online professionalism, and persona, more than I already put out there, has increased my comfortability with presenting myself. For example, I never included my writing on Twitter much or ST before this DA out of fear. I have grown in ways I wouldn’t have without taking this leap. 

Podcast Feature


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