“You Live In My Head Again & Again” – Simply Taylorlani Still Progressing

Hey, hey! 

I would like to welcome you back to one of my Digital Artefacts for this semester, and if you’re new here you can read the Pitch for this project here

A little while ago I decided for this semester of University I would choose to focus on a hobby of mine outside of work and span this project over two classes. That hobby being my writing and specifically my music based writing. 

To summarize, I create content here on my blog and my content based Instagram @simplytaylorlani centered around music, my thoughts, opinions and my love. I have shared a few posts where I focus on different things:

1. Where I discuss my thoughts and ranking on some albums.

2. A post where I highlight artist’s I deem need your attention and slightly touch on the unpleasantness of the Pop Punk genre.

3. A small 12 song list that would be best suited toward those 3am sadboi hours.

Besides those things I share weekly a song and an album which I am loving which resulted in the creation of a Spotify playlist for this DA.

I have said it before, but I don’t believe I have really struggled with the project at all, and if I have it is genuinely forgetting to post a song every sunday. However, that doesn’t mean everything has been positive and great. My first piece of writing – the album one – hardly got any engagement at all and I kind of started to feel that that route might not be the correct way about things. I switched it up with that second one and to my surprise I got so much engagement from it outside of Uni. Artists I tagged and wrote about in that liked and one going as far to retweet on the band account, his personal account and follow me back on most of my personal socials. This started an uphill climb in my work as many different artists and bands have started to follow, engage and just notice me whether that has been from tweeting or writing. Beyond this I have started to create personal connections with people in the industry which has been wild. 

Inside Uni circles however, I have even had the pleasure to feature on my friend Tyneesha’s DA, where we recorded a podcast and I got to roughly speak on my history and how I got interested in all of this. Tyneesha also had some really nice things to say about my project in this Twitter thread here which I appreciate a whole lot. 

I don’t think there’s been any major changes in this project outside of maybe my professionalism. I stated this in a class about how the relationships made through this project and managing them have been incredibly different to what I could have thought, in a good, but ultimately more complex way. 

For another breakdown of all of this over the course of this project you can see in this video.  


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