Simply Taylorlani The Musical Edition Pitch

Hey, hey.

If you remember my last Digital Artifact which was entirely art based, then I guess you might be surprised that this one is mostly not. Over the course of time my old Digital Artifact died and was reborn into Simply Taylorlani and this semester I’m focusing on my writing which just so happens to be on this blog.

Essentially my DA has the aim to produce more writing content and after taking a moment with my existing audience on Instagram, we narrowed that down to music. Which is great, I love writing about music whether it’s reviews, my opinions, ranking artist albums and breaking them down. This is something I do in my seperate time already.

I love engaging with artist content in a constructive way, especially when someone releases a new album or single. Personally, I found I know a lot of people that don’t really think of things that way when they listen to music. They just say if they like it or not without really going deeper. I want to go deeper with this. I enjoy going further into music than the surface.  

I also showcase a lot of this on my content based Instagram which goes in hand with this DA. For example, I’ve started sharing a weekly song and album’s which I’ve enjoyed or have been on repeat for myself. Along with this I have some of my Spotify playlists public for my audience while over the course of this semester I create and update one with my weekly music choices. Maybe even others depending on how the semester goes.

I hope that with this Digital Artifact I can introduce some of my audience who don’t engage with my personal taste to different music or even get them to think about it differently. 

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