Hey, Hey Let’s Keep Peer Reviewing

Hey, hey! 

Once again I have been given the opportunity to share some feedback to my fellow peers in University. This is an important process because the act of giving and receiving feedback “clarifies expectations, helps people learn from their mistakes and builds confidence.” 

Julia here is focusing on nostalgia in regards to Wii games from childhood. They have been taking the time to review and, as detailed in their blog and video, learn from the process of a Digital Artefact. They mention feedback, their changes, things that did and didn’t work coherently and explored the feelings evoked through games. 

Something Julia does well here is tell a story when speaking over the process of their project in a way that doesn’t just feel like some facts. This is something I can learn from them, along with how clear and clean cut everything was to follow where my own can be quite messy. 

Cait has a very descriptive and analytical execution in their blog and video when recapping the process of their DA. Everything was connected, fit right in place together, and was the exact information needed. There was feedback, a clear line of trial and error, communication, and it all was pulled back to lectures and outsourced research. To me there was not really anything missing. 

This is something Cait does well in executing and reacting to an audience. It’s factual, easy to understand, and has everything you would want to know. I could learn to be more like this, as I tend to waffle on in blog posts too much which leaves little room for being so detailed and precise. 

Lily’s DA shocked me, for it is something I haven’t seen, nor even thought about how important it can be. They’re focusing on fitness in relation and connection to games, and thus fitness games and reviewing them. Something that is always within the conversation of game culture is fitness and health and Lily’s video and blog described an even flow on how these two things work together. Producing feedback, being expressive and clear over what has been happening in this project. 

Lily knows their stuff, everything made sense, was clear and a very pretty execution. Something I will be taking away from reviewing Lily’s DA is the out of the box thinking, the personal feelings and experiences that correlate and add depth to the analytical stuff. 

Reviewing your peers is something that I view is important. I know from personal experiences how helpful others perspectives can be in making quality work and I try my best to be helpful myself. 


HR Central. (2018, May 4). HR central. Com.Au. https://hrcentral.com.au/blog/feedback/

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