Hey, Hey It’s Peer Review Time Again

Hey, hey! 

Once again I have been given the opportunity to share some feedback to my fellow peers in University. This is an important process because the act of giving and receiving feedback “clarifies expectations, helps people learn from their mistakes and builds confidence.”

Charlie has chosen the niche of design, and it is incredibly displayed throughout their work. The blog post is stunning, pretty and delicate, and the same goes for the video. This explains visually how much depth and understanding of the context they mention. They align it back to lecture content, and other research, all the while having a professional feel. 

Charlie has created a very lovely piece of work not just in facts, detail and experience. This, and the touch of professionalism, is something I want to carry through my own projects and works and can learn from them. 

Andrea is exploring the world of gaming in relation to being a female gamer, and this stuck out to me and was incredibly catching. There is a personal attachment, experience and understanding at play here that helps further persona. Their work is explorative, touches on points from the lectures and class content and drawing connections really well. It flowed nicely and was very clear. 

Something Andrea does well is the way they are still very personal in the process of their project but is able to make that translate with lecture drawbacks. This is something I know I can be better at, and want to be, and will learn from them. 

I remember Hannah’s project DA earlier in the semester, and having the opportunity to peer review the Pitch for it. It was amazing to see how it has progressed, and even how much everything has grown. It was detailed in explaining the process, goals, and feedback to an audience. Everything fit together, including the layout and in depth research and lecture content. Especially framework. 

Framework is something I struggle to bring up in my work, whether that’s from having too much content and not leaving room for much or not connecting it well enough. This is something I can take away and learn from Hannah in the future. 

As always, it is an immense pleasure to be able to review my peers’ work and I take away so much from doing so. I know from myself how helpful peer reviews can be in perspective and growth and I aim to be just as helpful in the comments I share. 


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