My Favourite Game Related Study Playlist’s

Hey, hey! 

For today I shall be sharing some of my favourite study/relax playlists related to games 🙂 I am partly doing this because I want to and partly to prove a point that game scores hold impact even outside of their media. I don’t just use these for study or anything, that’s more of a buzzword. I have background noise for most activities, and yeah a lot of the time I might listen to Spotify, but there are a large number of moments where I chose a “autumn village – fall nintendo music” ambiance for the vibe. 

For example, as an avid reader I will play something in the background like this. It’s relaxing and calming – depending on what you chose to listen to. I adore the Animal Crossing one’s, especially as someone who grew up playing that game. 

Another time is when I’m creating art, especially if it’s a fantasy type of piece. Just as I listen to a music artist if I’m drawing a portrait of them, listening to Zelda scores while I envision a fantastical image aids in the whole process. 

But now, onto the list!

a quite moment – zelda ost + thunderstorm ambience:

This right here is awfully comforting to me. There just is something about Zelda that is comforting to me. I found while listening to this that I often get a lot of creative process out, like I am so enchanted to keep creating. That ability is very powerful for me, as someone who gets so burnt out when it comes to my creative process.

rainbow cloud – nintendo ost + thunderstorm ambience:

One of the things that you’ll catch onto here is the way I love thunderstorm or rain ambience. It creates the perfect environment, like it sets this idea in my head that its my own time right now please breathe. This example here I listen to a lot, like all the time. I’ll get my coffee, a cookie and a book and get to work devouring the pages. I think that game ambience sounds really immersive for games, to draw you into the world, and it has that ability when losing myself in books too. 

drifting away – kirby ost + thunderstorm ambience:

Oh, I love Kirby by the way! I don’t trust you if you don’t. I know I mentioned that “study” was a buzzword, which yeah it is, however I do still use these to study. I’ve found that a lot of these game ambience videos are that they go for longer than an hour, and when you’re studying this is so useful to have your background sound timed. It’s so easy to glance up and see if it’s been five minutes or thirty. It’s a useful aid in keeping a time schedule without being overly stressed

a storm of songs – zelda ost + thunderstorm ambience:

Yes, more thunderstorms, I’m not sorry about it. I have just as much of an attachment to thunderstorms as I do Zelda. I know I’ve mentioned a lot of ways I listen to these for practical use but I must point out that no, that’s not everything. I hate quiet unless I’m trying to sleep, or I’m over stimulated but more often than not I find that I am under stimulated. These help put my brain into use when I need it to be when I am simply existing.

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