“Help Me Find Something More” – So What’s My Niche

Recently, in some classes of mine at University, I have been directed to research and explore a media niche. Preferably something that we have an interested in as we’ll be continuously curating content within that realm for the semester. But how does one go about this?


The best place to start with this, as someone who has done this type of thing in previous classes and years, is to take a look at yourself. No, really, I mean that. What are you interested in? How do you spend your free time? The better Digital Artifect’s come from something you find yourself creating anyway – it feels like less work if you actually enjoy it.

This led me to two things along with my pre-exisiting ideas. The first being books – I love to read and write all the time. The second was music – being what I like to refer to myself as a “retired scene kid”, music is a really fitting niche. I knew this semester I wanted to focus on my writing with this blog as I have been outside of University. I turned to my more content based Instagram and it’s exisiting audience to help with deciding which I should go with.

Ultimatly, music won by a long shot. I’m not mad at it at all.


What’s great about this is how already engaged, even with previous Uni work, I am with my music taste and it’s subculutres. You might have heard the phrase that “punk isn’t just music it’s a life style”, which is true for most aspects of “alternative” (I hate that word, but don’t worry I’ll be explaining why with my later research) music culutre.

See I already create content around this niche, as well as enage with a lot of it. You should see my Tik Tok for you page, it’s truly the for YOU page. It really is a no-brainer to have music – specificly my own subculutre base taste – as my niche. I go into this aspect of my life a little bit in my “get to know me” blog post I posted recently. I even share good old 13 year old scene kid taylor photos.


The way I wish to Network Map my niche can be broken down like this:

created on procreate by me


Really anything you do online creates your public persona, think of the people you follow online and the way they present themself to you as a viewer. It really shows the way you engage with whatever your chosen niche is outside of the work you submit. Now, when your lucky like I am here, your niche will already exist within your persona.

I have here a few moments from my social media where I have shared content related to this niche. It really is something I’m constantly around and creating for. So much so that I’ve made friends in many different ways and areas of this niche. Really, I’m still always so shocked when music artists follow me back, or follow me first even.

To be honest, music has been apart of my persona online for as long as I’ve had social media, so again, it really is just a no-brainer. I love writing or talking about it. I listen to podcasts around the “alternative” scene in my free time too. This just makes me so much more excited to delve further into this niche and create more content around it. I’m really looking foward to this semester. 🙂


Title Lyric, “Help Me Find Something More” – artist -The Stroy So Far, song – Upside Down.


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