Oh, God, The Sims Mobile

I’m sure most of us to some extent are aware of The Sims game or have even played most of them. Seperate from SimsCity, The Sims series started all the way back in 2000 with the release of what is refered to as The Sims 1. Now, it’s not too far fetched to say that this franchise is one of the most successfull for games. I can think at the top of my head a handful of different Sims games. For example, Sims Castaways, Sims Medievial, Sims Pets etc.

However, I’m not here to discuss the successes of The Sims. No, Im here to go over one of the biggest fails instead.

The Sims Mobile.

Now, essenitally, The Sims Mobile is just a phone version of The Sims, or at least it wanted to be. Released in March 2018, “players are able to create unique Sims with the in-game character creator (Create-a-Sim), build houses, start families and control the lives of their Sims.” In theory that should be a great thing and that this should be a great game.

Instead, it was met with mass disapointment and bad reviews. Not only that, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone bring up this game ever.

Most people have issues with the gameplay. For example, they found it boring and as if you were simply pressing buttons. Also, as a common cirique with EA Sims games, you have to pay to really enjoy it. There is a limit to four Sims that all live within the same house. The game doesn’t validate player’s time and investment either, for like a lot of mobile games, to do anything you use energy but unlike in the PC games you can’t just feed or put your Sim to bed. Instead, you have to wait – and wait – until you can even play again.

All of these things and defiently more left Sims fans bored and uniterested. I lot going to say they uninstalled it the next day. In fact, if I remember back to 2018, I did the same thing and I only installed it to see how bad the game was myself.

One notibale comment is that it is a phone game and that it shouldn’t have the same expectations as PC. While this is true, this also is quite simply the solution to the game’s downfall. In theory, if The Sims Mobile was created not nessiarily like a cash grab and was produced to emulate The Sims 4 in accuracy, gameplay and grapfically, then possibly this could have been avoided. If, purhaps, there was more care to creating a good game, however that is another comment EA recieves all the time.

As I was saying before, so many diffferent Sims games come to mind when you think of them. Arguably most people could list a few at the top of their mind. Yet, The Sims Mobile flopped so badly that no one ever really considers its existance. And if that doesn’t show how failed your game was then I don’t know what does.


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