“Burning Bridges, Searching For Some Sense Of Distance ” – I’m Still Searching

Hey, hey!

I want to continue on from the last post to do with this project and expand on some things. 

I touched on slightly the issues within my chosen niche surrounding diversity, and how I support and engage with the shift that is very much needed to move away from that. To be fair, I have grown up around this type of music, and I can honestly say after observing after all this time there is still an incredibly lack of anything diverse. It’s why I like to bring attention to the moment it’s there. I have kept reading about it as a way to gain outside perspective. 

“Pop punk has existed in the mainstream for over 40 years, yet there’s no signs of progress in diversification…The article features some groups with one or two female members, but the lack of racial diversity is striking. This article was published in 2019…”

One part of this article here that really struck out to me was “we need to hold the publications reporting on the genre and media promoting it accountable.” As someone who is trying to turn my own writing into something here, this is something to be accountable for. And goes right in hand with my previous epiphany of ethics in writing and working within this world. 

In some way, I believe this idea and execution to fall within the realm of Post-Modernism framework. This push for less misogyny, more diversity, and stands against abuse is a modern take – which is sad to think about but it is. “Postmodernists dismiss this idea as a kind of naive realism.”

Another aspect of Post-Modernism would be the cultural shifts in the wave right now. I have mentioned before about the aspect of blending genres and how the current Pop Punk era is influenced by this and by the Emo Rap era of the 2010’s. 

For example, these two  reads

“The genres aren’t that different, when you break them down. Emo is lyrical, emotional, and rooted in its aesthetics. So is rap and hip-hop.”

“Not in competition, with one fighting to win out over the other…but working in tandem to create something more than what they might offer individually…“I’ve experienced a lot of snobbery with the older generations at shows and online,” the London and LA-based DJ explains, ​“whereas the young fans I’ve met who are coming to their first gigs are so open-minded. They’ve grown up with the internet and are used to genre-hopping. They love the new concoctions of genres, which is so fresh and exciting.” 

This DA, my work, is aiming to make a stance in the world of music, it is important for my authenticity of Persona and it is Postmodern in action.


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